Me, Myself And I

Hi! Hello! Kamusta! Annyeong Haseyo! Konnichiwa! Ni Hao! Bonjour! Aloha!

I just started my blog yesterday and posted about Dong Bang Shin Ki, right? ^^

Well, in this post.. I would like to introduce myself first. Okay? Let’s start with the basics, like my name and nickname, but I won’t reveal any more personal data other than that. Basically, this is a post about my personal favorites, my personal thoughts about myself and other random things..

I won’t be revealing my full name. Sorry. 🙂

Just so you know, I do have a lot of nicknames.. Some of them are Pauko, Poleng, Paulita, Paulina, Bhie, Paupaulicious, Pau Pau Pau, Boom Boom Pau, Phongs, Twin Soul, Twin Sister, Soul Sister, Apo, Cass, YoonA, and the most basic one.. Pau.

Let me start by saying, I am a simple person. I appreciate small things and even a simple smile can bring me happiness.

I have BIG dreams, though. Sometimes, I imagine myself as a princess, a very famous TV personality, a really hot fashion icon or even the wealthiest person on the world. But there’s one thing I dreamed of being the most..

It is being a doctor, being a servant of God by serving and helping others.

I love God, that’s why I knew that I have more than everything I needed and yeah, a million times richer that all the things I imagined.

I love dancing, it even became a hobby. I usually dance Kpop songs.

I also love reading books, it makes you experience things.. if you know what I mean. ^^

As I have mentioned already, I am an avid Kpop fan, I’m even listening to DBSK’s Tonight while typing this. F(x), Girls’ Generation and SHINee are my favorites. And how could left this one out? Of course! DBSK, TVXQ, TohoShinKi, or whatever.. They are forever in my heart. I love, love, love them.. Only God knows how much I love these boys.

My biases are Choi Sulli, Im YoonA, Kim Jonghyun and KIM JAEJOONG.. My hero ❤

My favorite songs are La Cha Ta, Calling Out, You’re My Destiny, Beautiful Goodbye and So Into U by F(x)… The Boys, Forever, Tinkerbell, How Great Is Your Love and Say Yes by Girls’ Generation… Romantic, One For Me, Best Place, Replay, SHINee World and One by SHINee… Hug, Why Did I Fall In Love With You, Yeo Haeng Gi, Tonight, A Picture of You, Love In The Ice, You’re My Melody, Mirotic, Love Is, Maze, Stand By U, Purple Line, Proud, Begin, Choosey Lover, Your Love Is All I Need, Beautiful You, Beautiful Life, You Only Love,  You Always, Crazy Love and almost ALL of their songs! You can surely guess who the singers of these songs are.. ~.^

Not just Korean songs, I also love Korean dramas.. for it really has outstanding storylines, not just common ones. I don’t know your preferences but these are mine. Jewel In The Palace, Hwang Jin Yi, Cinderella’s Sister, Mischievous Kiss, Full House, Secret Garden, ROOFTOP PRINCE 🙂 and Endless Love are my all-time favorite series. As for variety shows.. Hmm, I can’t pick because they all made laugh hard! Like, seriously..

Now, out of the Korean madness.. I am a tall girl.. oh yeah.. that’s why I wanted to so some modelling but as of now, I became more FOCUSED on my studies.. Yes, focused.. XD

I am a very sensitive person and I have shallow tears, well, just the mere thought of DBSK as five can tear me up.

I get crazy with my friends, yeah, you read right.. CRAZY.. We always do stupid things together, tell each other useless things, bother each other for nothing then burst out laughing like there’s no one around.. Despite all the craziness going on, we never leave each other’s side and remain together til the end.. That’s a fact! 🙂

I am an optimistic person.. I believe in the saying.. “A positive mind finds a way it can be done.”

I strongly consider myself unique! Who doesn’t, anyways? 😀

I love surprises and of course, chocolates! Whether it’s a chocolate drink, milk chocolate or any chocolate! I’ll gladly accept it.. ^^

I’m not really picky about food, though.. especially when I’m hungry.. just as long as it’s edible.. XD

My favorite color is PINK! My room is full of it, pink walls, pink bedsheet, pink blanket, pink towel, pink drawers, pink curtains, pink bags, pink watches, pink accessories and almost all stuffs I have! It’s totally appealing to me..

Another favorite color is RED.. You must know why.. I’m a dedicated Cassie, right? Merely seeing the color red, pictures and memories of my five stars comes appearing in my mind. It’s unstoppable, they are forever associated with that color.. 🙂

And of course, BLACK… for some random reason. I don’t want to tell you! 😛

What more to share? Hmm.. My favorite quotation? “Nobody is perfect. I’m next to nobody” – Kobe

“Always Keep The Faith. Hope to the End” – Cassiopeia

One thing.. I really suck at giving advices.. but I can be the best listener.. ^^

Can’t think of any right now.. I’ll post again some random things about me next time. I am really busy right now, I still have lots of assignments and quizzes scheduled for tomorrow, I just couldn’t get a hold of myself for blogging this..

Now Playing.. Hug ^^

See yah! If I really could.. XD


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