[Part 1 of 4] You are forever remembered…

Let me introduce to you my favorite groups and their members one by one.. Here’s the first part! 😀

The first Korean girl who intruded my heart.. With your overflowing cuteness, cute voice, fine acting and modelling skills and smooth dancing.. I’ve fallen for you.. Not even mentioning your ahjumma-like contagious laugh.. You showed me how you can improve yourself in the minimum time possible.. You taught me how to work hard, exceeding everyone’s expectations.. Eyesmiles are just her specialty..

You are forever in my heart.. Choi “Sulli”  Jin Ri

The first ballerina I’ve known and loved wholeheartedly.. Those cute bunny eyes and 4d personality that no one can resist.. You taught me how to be caring to everyone, even to plants and animals.. You showed me how humble you are everytime.. You’re the best Kpop mom and the best cook among all.. Amazed by your selflessness among all members..

You’re the leader I always look up to.. Song “Victoria” Qian

The moment my eyes laid on you.. I’m mesmerized.. You are indeed a rare spice that took F(x) straight to people’s hearts..  You showed me that no matter what other people see you as.. You’re not afraid to show the real you.. Definitely, your style..  The girl who is always confused with all her members talking to her in different languages all at the same time…

You’re coolest girl in the world.. Liu Amber Josephine

Defined as Little BoA.. The blonde hair, dancing and singing skills, and of course.. the height… With your energetic smile, and enthusiastic aura.. You never fail to be F(x)’s vitamin… You taught me to be strong at all times, that it’s okay to cry when you’re hurt and to smile warmly after..

You’re the only moon in my universe.. Park “Luna” Sun Young

One of the coldest girls of Kpop.. yet you managed to stole my heart after learning how warm you can get together with all your members.. The girl who showed me how strong she is despite poor health conditions.. You showed everyone that age doesn’t matter, you became f(x)’s second mom.. The girl who fainted two times on-stage.. The most matured maknae..

Keep being strong and healthy..  Jung “Krystal” SooJoung

The first Kpop group I’ve known and the only group I’ve been with since their debut. The group who made me sharpen my dancing skills. The group who introduced me to a whole new world, who took my life into a whole new level and made me realize the importance of one another in a group to make it succesful. The group whose individual characteristics are everything that makes them.. The group who never delays performances just because of the unexpected rain.. The most unique group on my list.. No one can be compared to you..

You are forever remembered.. F(x)


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