[Part 2 of 4] Keep on dominating the world…

Here’s 2nd part! 😀

One of the funniest leaders out there.. With a golden voice and a unique laugh.. No one can dare to hate you.. Being one of the most hardworking person on the group, performing while sick.. You made me inspired learning about your trainee years.. Here’s the sweet fruit of your hardwork..

Beautiful Kid Leader.. Kim TaeYeon

With such beautiful golden brown hair and an amazing nasal voice.. The girl who hates cucumber more than anything in the world.. With your dolphin screams and impossible-to-wake-up sleeping habits.. I became fond of you.. One of the most violent yet a perfect unnie, indeed..

Ice princess.. Jung “Jessica” SooYeon

The Aegyo expert.. The shortest one who always argues with the tallest, creating the danshin jangshin war.. Many wants to punch you because of your aegyo.. You proved your carefree and funny image through reality shows.. The girl who is an expert chicken catcher..

You’re the Aegyo Queen forever.. Lee “Sunny” Soonkyu

With your irresistible eye smiles and cute personality.. The girl who showed me to always look at the brighter side of things.. Who is strong enough to make herself smile even in the hardest situations..

You’re always the brightest gem around.. Hwang “Tiffany” Miyoung

The lady whom I idolized because of her overflowing dancing talents.. Always described as an elementary school kid because of the playful personality.. I can never forget your awesome imitations.. Even though you’re always ranked the lowest.. you never fail to keep your head high and show your best..

The only dancing queen.. Kim HyoYeon

The girl who is always proud of her warm ice idea.. The third girl closest to my heart.. With her tongue slipping out while sleeping.. and an incredible yoga expert.. You leave everyone speechless with your sexy dancing together with a well-defined curve.. The body every lady is craving for..

The only black pearl in my ocean.. Kwon Yuri

The lady who never cares about her eating habits.. With long, slender legs and an adorkable personality, everyone’s hearts are surely captured.. You eat alot without gaining weight.. I’ve found an ally in you..

The one and only shikshin forever.. Choi SooYoung

The maknae who acts like the oldest.. Defined as the simplest girl in the group.. Someone who loves reading self-improvement books.. a very talented girl, singing, dancing and even playing instruments.. You showed me how you struggle to be an awesome star while being a good student at the same time…

You are the precious maknae every unnie loves.. Seo Joo Hyun “SeoHyun”

How can I left this one out? My personal doe-eyed angel..My favorite girl in the whole wide world.. Being just yourself in the simplest way struck my heart. You showed me how strong you are even though you tend to go on dead ends.. With the largest number of antis out of all nine girls, you succeeded in proving them wrong and making us, YoonAddicts, eternally proud.. You showed me how hardworking you are, dancing and singing even though you can barely walk.. With all the dorky personality hidden behind your goddess-like facial features.. I’ll surely love you forever..

My favorite flower.. Im YoonA

The girl group I hated at first and stole my heart after. The group who made me appreciate not just the catchy tune but also the meaning behind each of their songs..A group that has a strong bond on each other, can tell each other’s feeling just by mere looking into the eyes, colourful personalities makes up the group wonderful.

Truly amazing, keep on dominating the world.. So Nyuh Shi Dae


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