[Part 3 of 4] One of the bests…

The leader who loves chicken more than his virtual son.. The guy who has his own world and own condition.. You taught me how to smile even while crying.. to be a source of strength for all the members.. You are very caring and … really funny.. The man who cracks me up in the middle of the night..

I will never get tired laughing at your Onew Condition.. Lee “Onew” Jinki

Often described as the best shopping buddy.. No one can compare to you at how good you are at dancing girl groups’ dance.. You are a very straight-forward person, acting like a mom to all the members.. You are a great cook.. The image of you crying, being touched at how we, Shawols, cheer for you is just… unexplainable..

You are the only diva in my heart.. Kim “Key” Kibum

The timid one.. Who speaks once in a blue moon.. The one who taught me to always reach for the top and taught me to never give up.. You are the best one when it comes to sports.. With one look, you automatically took my heart..

You’re the flaming charisma that can never be extinguished.. Choi Minho

The childish and cute maknae.. You always wanted to be called manly and cool but it always turns out the opposite.. You are once described as a robot.. The only one who isn’t crying among all members.. instead you cheer them all up.  The guy who likes Emma Watson as much as his banana milk..

You’re the youngest dancing machine in my world.. Lee Taemin

The man who made my heart flutter.. The man who made me cry by just watching him cry.. You captured my heart with your amazing vocals and super cute puppy eyes.. You taught me how to love freely despite whatever situation you are in.. You taught me how to be forever grateful to everyone in my life.. and to always be down-to-earth.. You are a hopeless romantic person… With your piano skills, guitar skills, and being the lyricist of the group made me a big fan of yours.. You’re always the most hardworking one.. and it makes me a proud Blinger..

You’re the shiniest Bling Bling in my heart… Kim JongHyun

One of my favorite groups that taken my emotional level to the top, the first group who made me cry. They took my dancing skills to a new level and made me appreciate the word Love more. One of the groups who can make me cry while laughing, the first group who made me literally crazy. The group who made my heart flutter the first time, who made me smile unknowingly and made me aspire and soar higher in life..

One of the bests.. SHINee

From a Shawol who’s crazy over you..


One thought on “[Part 3 of 4] One of the bests…

  1. I only read but the third part, and the music, I got tears in my eyes.
    Shinee is a cool band, Included all the members, they are very cool. Keep going with your albums, You’ll always be my heroes. FIGHTING!!!

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