[Part 4 of 4] I’ll keep the faith forever…

Here’s my most favorite part 🙂

The member who is as emotional as I am.. A guy who is proud of his forehead.. You taught me to treasure my family..  With your sexy English and husky, baritone voice and a smile that can make girls faint.. I came to like you.. The member whom I considered having the most normal kind of laugh in the group.. Continue on writing great music.. You are the only Micky in my life..

Not even Micky Mouse can beat you.. Park “Micky” YooChun

The one who taught me to be a happy pill.. with your remarkable laugh.. and a sweet and caring personality.. and a one-of-a-kind voice.. You are always loved.. You showed me how faithful yet crazy you are with your bestfriend Hyukkie.. The guy who’s famous for his gags in Japan.. and is known for being the earliest to wake up in the group.. I love how you love your family and how you were a good student..

I will never get tired hearing your Eu Kyang Kyang laugh… Kim “Xiah” Junsu

The once-angel maknae who turned out to be an evil one as described by his hyungs.. The guy who has the ability to eat four to five ramen in one meal and eat more than seven meals a day.. With your happy smiles and sexy smirks on stage, and that high-pitched voice.. You’re the coolest guy around.. I love how you say “Heeung Heeung” and “Oongie’s Father.” I literally laugh everytime I think about it.. The maknae who admitted something about special videos without knowing his mom is around.. The scariest maknae I knew..

You are clever and forever epic.. Shim “Max” ChangMin

The man who sleeps diagonally on his bed.. Who wants a platoon of children… five boys and twenty girls.. You are one the best leaders around.. with your singing ability, the sharpest dancing skills and your rapping styles, combined together makes the unique you..The guy who counts numbers in Japanese while transforming as Bruce Lee and an old man.. The guy who makes me laugh by using his accent.. The leader who brings medicines with him for the members..

The man who lead the perfect group in my universe..  Jung “U-Know” Yunho

The sexiest man around.. who surprised me about his 4d personality hidden behind the cold first impression.. A great cook and loves spicy foods.. You showed me how you overcome all your imperfections, making you the perfect man alive in my eyes. You are my definition of beauty and perfection.. One of the guys who can make me crack up just by thinking about his foolish acts.. The man who doesn’t want us to see his sufferings and pain.. A very selfless hyung to his younger brothers.. You are your member’s source of strength.. You are the sweetest person in my eyes and forever will be… You never fail to make me laugh with you and cry with you..The guy who made my heart skip a beat.. The kpop guy I’m most into about.. and the one I’m most crazy about.. The man who’ve been into so much hardships just to pursue the dream.. You are indeed an inspiration to all..You are forever my Hero.. One of the best gifts I received from God..

It is knowing you.. Kim “Hero” JaeJoong

I define them as living legends, Gods of Kpop. All five together makes the perfect group in the whole music industry, looks, talent and personality-wise. The group who made me look into the beautiful soul of a song, the group who made and still makes me cry buckets, made me feel that bittersweet feeling while listening to their songs, made me inspired by each of their stories and made me Keep The Faith.. Always and Forever.. You are never forgotten, Cassies are still waiting for your return. Your legacy remains.. No other group can outshine you..

I’ll Keep The Faith Forever.. Dong Bang Shin Ki

From a Cassiopeia who loves you, only God knows how much..


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