[Late Post] My Personal Soonkyu’s Day…

Believe me, I was really supposed to post this yesterday.. Too bad, I became too busy. 🙂

December 10

Well, it’s yet another special day!

Guess who?

Hahahaha.. I guess you can’t because she’s one of my personal friends, she’s MY PERSONAL SOONKYU.. 😀

Of all SNSD members.. she likes SUNNY best.. so, we call her Sunny or Soonkyu..

The name’s Kim, and before anything else, I want YOU to see her..

Pretty? YES

Gorgeous? OF COURSE!

Awesome? AS ALWAYS!

Cute? NO WAY!

And since it’s your birthday… I’m gonna add, ‘I’m just kidding!’ 🙂

You guys can PM me if you want her number.. 😀

Eh? Another joketime! Of course I won’t give it to you! She’s mine.. ^^

Okay.. so? How would I start this?


I hope you spend this day well!

And where is my invitation? I believe I didn’t get one! XD

Anyways, with or without food, with or without a cake, with or without candles, with or without money, with or without presents, with or without party hats, with or without balloons..

You know I’m still here with you. 😀

And that’s my birthday present to YOU! Me, Myself and I!

You okay with that, right?

Of course, yes! It’s my birthday present to you for how many years already? XD

And that’s how it’s gonna be until we’re a hundred years old.. 🙂

A wish for your birthday? EVERYTHING!

Thank you for your friendship!

Make this a day full of smiles, full of laughter, full of jokes, and of course, new memories to keep!

Happy birthday to one of the greatest persons in my life! 😀

iHEARTkimmiemore ❤

PS. You can whack me next time for posting your picture..  🙂


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