I can’t believe…

It’s 1:30 AM and I can’t sleep..

Exploring on youtube with TVXQ videos, I came across a tribute video for them and it literally made me cry..

And I realized.. I can’t believe I’m crying for them ❤

This is really heartbreaking.

Thinking about it.. it’s really painful. For me, it’s still an open wound.

And I can’t believe myself for being like this.

I can’t believe that TVXQ is the first thing that pops up to my mind everytime.

I can’t believe I can’t last a day without listening to your songs.

I can’t believe I don’t last a day without saying your name.

I can’t believe how you managed to dominate my heart, setting SNSD, F(x) and SHINee aside in my heart.

I can’t believe that your name is the first thing I look for in my youtube subscriptions.

I can’t believe I watch Mirotic’s music video more than ten times a day.

I can’t believe that the name TVXQ can make my heart skip a beat.

I can’t believe I’ll be this inspired because of you.

I can’t believe I made a twitter account just because of you.

I can’t believe I entitled my blog Cassieforever.

I can’t believe that when I first created this blog, the first post I thought was to say how much I miss you.

I can’t believe I smile like crazy unknowingly just remembering your funny jokes.

I can’t believe I’m typing this.

I can’t believe I named a star after you, and it’s the first star I would look for every evening.

I’m really overwhelmed..

I can’t believe I’ll get to know the legends of Kpop.

I can’t believe I’ll love each of you this much.

I can’t believe I’m now a Cassiopeia.

I can’t believe you are not together anymore.

I can’t believe I’ll miss you this much.

I can’t believe I’m crying like this…

And I can’t believe the thought of you will bring this much tears.

But you know what I believe?

It’s that I’m not alone. 

There are other Cassies out there, having the same feeling as mine…

Only TVXQ can make me feel this way, only THEM..

I can’t believe…

that if I were to have my second lifetime.. I’ll choose having this pain and longing than not having known you..

I’ll stand by you forever..

I’m thinking about you and it won’t change..

Just keeping the faith..

Hope ’til the end



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