My Yoongie Forever

It’s been a while since I’ve thought of writing a post dedicated to the persons whom I loved before I knew TVXQ.

It’s like I’m forgetting them day after the other.

Fading, as it seems..

But now.. I’ve decided to write something about YoonA, my favorite flower.

Another up with another random things..

May 30, 1990

A goddess was born.

A pretty, young girl with overflowing innocent and lovely charm.

Who transformed into such a fine looking lady with a refreshing and youthful charm.

“Don’t wait for a miracle, there’s a rough road in front of us” – YoonA; Into The New World

She effortlessly captured everyone’s attention with her sharp and distinct facial features displaying her pretty charm.

“My face got red and my shocked eyes got big” – YoonA; Girls’ Generation

She’s always been the luggage-carrier of other members and the girl who can break 6 chopsticks in one try showing everybody her strong and tough charm.

“I will convey my stuffy and sorrowful heart one day. The gifts that pile up everyday (I want to give it to you)” – YoonA; Baby Baby

She’s been assigned as the group’s center or image and with that she gained anti-fans but she still showed her professional charm.

“What should I do? About my trembling heart. My heart kept thumping. So I couldn’t fall asleep at night” – YoonA; Gee

Months after, she stepped another level to greatness exhibiting her feminine and chic charm.

“I’m a good luck goddess that wants to make your wish come true” – YoonA; Genie

She’s been known to laugh with her mouth wide open indicating her exciting and carefree charm.

“It’s the truth so don’t make fun either.” – YoonA; Oh

Contrary to that, she became more matured as days passed showcasing her hot and sexy charm.

“You’re no fun, you have no manners. You’re a devil, devil you are.” – YoonA; Run Devil Run

She has only one aegyo which bothers all the other members with overflowing cute and irresistible charm.

“I can even see our future prospect will be bright. I’ll grant all your wishes.” – YoonA; Genie Jap Version

She’s been known as the most popular member in Japan thus indicating her alluring and charismatic charm.

“A girl’s heart. People don’t understand. The timeline is cooling off our feelings.” -YoonA; Gee Jap Version

She came back to Korea, surprising her fans with her elegant and gorgeous charm.

“I really don’t like becoming used to it. All, all, all of it is disappointing.” -YoonA; Hoot

She belongs to the crazy side of the group showing everyone her dorky and funny charm.

“I’m going at a speed that can’t be caught, oops!” – YoonA; Mr. Taxi

She’s known to act beautifully and model stunningly aside from singing and dancing displaying her talented charm.

“Is the dark world making you lose strength? Are you alright?” – YoonA; The Boys Korean version

You’re my favorite girl because you showed me your goddess charm.

“Imma be the hottest in this spot. There ain’t no stopping me~ stopping me.” – YoonA; The Boys English Version

Continue to be just the way you are.

When times get tough…

Always remember that you have thousands of YoonAddicts to back you up!

iHEARTyoona ❤


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