Hello F(x), How Are You?

A post for my first Kpop group… F(x)

How are you guys?

It’s been a long time since I last watched a performance from you.

Sorry, I’ve been so into your sunbae, TVXQ a lot these days… 😀

Let me guess… you’re probably recording new songs and doing new music videos for next year right?

Well, I’m very much looking forward to that.

I hope that you’ll become a big hit and be recognized all over the world…

But before that, let’s look back to the old memories from 2009.. The day you become known as F(x)

Aww.. you guys looked so INNOCENT and PURE! 

I know you’ve been nervous on your first stage but way to go! You’ve done really well!

And remember this?

It’s during the CHU~<3 days…

I definitely love the CUTE concept and the clothes!

And what’s with the black and white concept?


Aaahh, the song you have with your unnies, Girls’ Generation.

You showed a bit of your sexy side in here.. but I still find it cute! 🙂

And then, you’re back with the badass concept!

NU ABO! Now, that’s WOW…

And look at the clothes..

You guys are really the Kpop trend setters!

Dancing and singing with all those exotic clothes and fine high heels… XD

And again, with an edgy concept, a music video with lots of shapes and geometric figures..

You never fail to impress.. F(x)!

We’re now all in danger.. XD

A memorable song? Of course, Yes!

You won your first award, right?

Congratulations! I hope you win more in the future… 😀

And with the latest song… Hot Summer!

Loving the red concept.

Reminds me of the red ocean.. XD

I love the gorgeous look, girls.

Now… does the domination stop there?

Of course not!

Looking forward to your activities for next year!

Stay pretty, humble, dorky and healthy!

Sending you lots of love..


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