[December 25] To the Birthday Celebrant

Let us all remember what makes today the most special day on the calendar…

My message to the birthday celebrant


Today is the day You were born.

Today is the day the Heaven sent someone so precious like You.

I’m so grateful for having You in my heart, in my soul and in my life.

I’m really thankful for everything, for all the sacrifices, for enduring all the hardships and pain you’ve gone through, for being the most selfless person Earth ever had, for dying on the cross for me and for fulfilling God’s greatest promise to mankind, Salvation. ❤

Some says the best thing that happened was when You died on the cross, others say when You raise from the dead, many says the moment you ascended to Heaven but to me… the best part was when You were born, the greatest gift of all…

Today, I wanted to say sorry to You and to our Dear Lord God.

Sorry for valuing things more than the persons I have in my life. I have forgotten that I am Your apple of the eye and You have never valued anything else more than me.

Sorry for not being contented with what I have. I have forgotten that You always gives me only what’s best for me.

Sorry for being childish and immature at times and being envious of others. I have forgotten that I am already perfect in Your eyes.

Sorry for all the lies I’ve said. I have forgotten that lying to other persons is like lying to myself, too.

Sorry for holding grudges and not easily forgiving someone. I have forgotten that even before I make my mistake, You have forgiven me already.

Sorry, because most of the times, I talk back to my parents. I have forgotten that talking back to them is like talking back to You, too.

Sorry for all the times that I talk badly behind other people’s back. I have forgotten that they are my brothers and sisters.

Sorry for the times that I laugh or make fun of someone else’s flaws and weaknesses. I have forgotten that I, as a human, have my own weak points too.

Sorry for all the times that I blame You because of the hardships I am going through. I have forgotten that everything I am going through right now has it’s own purposes that will serve as building block for tomorrow’s blessing.

And I’m really sorry… because most of the time, I forgot that I am in Your presence. I have forgotten the fact that You never forget about me, not even a single second. ❤

Thank you for all the blessing I have received, currently receiving and will receive in the future.

Thank you for the loving family you have given me and to all my dearest friends whom I have shared countless memories with.

Thank you for introducing to me to TVXQ. I’m really thankful for that.

Thank you for being always there, like a wall to lean on and a shoulder to cry on.

Thank you for guiding me every single step of the way.

Thank you for accompanying me through the worst times, constantly reminding me that I am not alone and that I’m always loved.

Thank you so much for the gift of life, for the salvation and for the eternal and unconditional love You have for me.

I owe You more than I can repay in this lifetime.

You are the only one who knows everything about me. Perhaps, even more than I know myself.

You knew every single thought I have, every secrets I am keeping, every lies I’ve made, the reason for my every smile and the reason for each of my tears. You knew me best, to the number of strands of my hair, to my habits, my handwriting, my principles in life, my doubts, my confusions and all the little things that could make me happy. 🙂

You are the best there ever is.

I know it’s an understatement to say so because no words can perfectly describe You, even the word perfect isn’t enough.

It is indeed, a privilege and honor to have You in my life.

I may not be the best daughter out of all but I know, in Your eyes, that I am the best in my own way.

I’ll do my duty as Your responsible steward and make You the sun where my life revolves around.

I will give it my best shot to reform my ways and make You, Jesus and our Father the center of my life. The reason of my everything, the reason why I smile, the reason why I laugh,  the reason why I study, the reason why I work, the reason why I care, the reason why I love, the reason why I’m breathing.

Yes, the reason why I’m living.

You are the best gift I have received and there’s nothing more I could hope for.

Today, I wish all the bests for You.

I wish that all people may remember to whom this day was really for, that they will never forget the spirit of Christmas, that they will continue to love and share their blessings even on normal days and that they will never forget the best gift mankind has received.

You are truly the best King.

I may be distant most of the times but…


Sending You lots of love on Your birthday..

Happy Birthday to the most awesome and most powerful one…



4 thoughts on “[December 25] To the Birthday Celebrant

  1. wow! This is a great letter. I’m happy that in the midst of all our TVXQ mania, you never forgot to thank God about everything. I’m also happy I found a Christian Cassie. hehe.. :DD My comments are really late. I just got to open and know about your blog recently and thank you for your thoughts. I’m so glad that Cassies are not only crazy yet loving people to be with but are also very poetic and expressive even without actually talking to them in person. 😀

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