Breaking News! XD

Hello guys!

It’s been a while since I published my last post, right? ^^

I’m sorry..

I write my thoughts on my sketchpad everytime but I always got lazy posting it here 😀

Well, what do you expect? Those writings are full of Emoshinki thoughts. XD

Oh.. And Belated Happy New Year guys!

I’ve been very happy lately, thanks to my friends, family and of course, my Cassie family…

And yeah.. if you’re a Cassie, I recommend you to join this group on facebook..

World Bigeast Cassiopeia

I’m telling you… It’s really fun being with all the Cassies there!

They are all friendly and we consider ourselves family so don’t be shy and join the fun!

I assure you… Your faith will grow stronger. ^^

That’s what happened to me.. 😀

Hmmm.. what else?

It’s kinda getting late already.. I still have school for tomorrow, need to be up early! 🙂

I’ll be publishing more random posts in the future..

I’m hoping that you guys would take time to read it and …


for visiting my site,

for leaving comments,

and for reading my posts! ^^

Oh, and before I leave, here’s my TVXQ boys.. 🙂

I love these guys, seriously… ❤

Now Playing — Love In the Ice by TVXQ

I recommend you to listen to this song! Very lovely.. 

Off to bed now!

Bye! Annyeong!! ^^



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