Always Keep The Faith

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”

DBSK, TohoShinki, TVXQ!

Now there is…








HoMin and JYJ

The split is indeed heartbreaking to all Cassies, even to me.

The fact that they’re not together anymore sinks my heart in a black hole.

It’s been years but still… it always feel new to me and I know, I will never, ever get over it.

It is painful… true.. but I have observed noticeable changes and all Cassies discovered something new to each of the members which we haven’t noticed when they’re still together.

There’s a saying: “There’s a rainbow always after the rain.”

The split and lawsuit thingy can be compared to the rain.

Well, for me… the split is like a thunderstorm, full of chaos but still…

There’s always a rainbow that’s bound to appear. 🙂

What is that rainbow?

U-Know Yunho…

has gotten more singing lines than before which fully showcased his capabilities not only as a great dancer, but also as a great singer. He has also been in a musical, which spurted his fame more.

Max Changmin…

who was always the screamer of TVXQ… has been showing off his great dance moves which only proves that he can dance as well as Yunho. He has been on photoshoots and been casted on a drama showing how great an actor he can be.

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong…

are now happily enjoying freedom and has been active on social networking sites lately, keeping in touch with all their fans. Their album, In Heaven… is by far one of the best albums in my list considering that they lack financial support… still, they managed to release an album that’s totally fascinating. Almost all of their songs are composed, written or arranged by either one of the members… which is rare in other groups displaying their musicality. 

They’ve reached high sales for the album even though they didn’t appear in any music shows.

They’ve also received awards which flaunted their versatility not only as singers and dancers but as actors, as well.

So you see, Cassies… after all these pain, there is still a reason to smile and be thankful that it happened.

We all know that everything happens for a reason, so I think this is it.

They may not be together but there is that undeniable fact that they’ve grown and improved so much individually.

Now, Cassies…

There is no reason to hate any one of the members only because of what happened.

Let us remember, they are more than members to one another, they’re brothers, family… TREASURE.

They’ve lived together for years,

sharing the same smile,

same sadness,

same joy,

same pain,

same gladness,

even carrying out the same dream.

We,  Cassies, aren’t on the place to say that we’re leaving TVXQ just because they’ve given us unbearable pain, too much that every second kills.

Let us ask ourselves, what about them?

They have feelings too and I’m a thousand percent sure that they are hurt much more than we can imagine.

Another thing, we have no reason to hate on the company…

As we all know, they are the one who started this all… who founded TVXQ, who put all five boys together, who made them known to us and… who made us, Cassiopeia.

Remember, no one knows the real story.. Not you, not me.. but the company and the members themselves.

We are never in the place to judge and finger point who’s right or wrong.

Let us just be thankful that SME brought them together.. that SME brought US together.

Let us not hate… especially due to unproven reasons, due to lies and false beliefs…

Not until HoMin speaks out and pointed JYJ as betrayers… JYJ aren’t.

Not until SME announced that HoMin are loyal dogs or whatsoever… HoMin aren’t.

Not until JYJ came out and shout out to everyone that SME abused them… SME didn’t.

Not until TVXQ members’ themselves said that they will not comeback as five… They will.

We, Cassies, have been on their side throughout everything, since the first day.

What about this hardships? Are we still gonna there for them? To stay united? Are we gonna stay strong to ignore all anti’s? Well,I HOPE, YES..


We’re not the biggest fanclub for nothing.

We cannot be shattered to pieces when hardest times come.

What happened, is not a thing to be judged who’s right or wrong.. but it happened to test us, Cassies.

To test our faith for our boys, to test our love and loyalty for them.

I know, some Cassies have already left TVXQ’s side but we, remaining Cassies must stay stronger than ever.

We must stick together, having the same faith, and be united as it has always been.

In God’s perfect time, Cassies and TVXQ will once more be reunited.

And when that happens, we, Cassies, have definitely something we could always be proud of.. and that’s..

We, the Cassies who stayed, the Cassies who waited, and the Cassies who kept the faith, have been the only REAL CASSIOPEIA all along.

Our TVXQ boys have proved themselves unparalleled and it’s our turn, Cassies, to prove ourselves.. unbeatable.

Let us make what happened as a source of strength to get up and go on… be strong for our boys.

Let us learn to look at the brighter side of things… We may not be able to see the beauty of what lies ahead if we keep on feeding and blinding ourselves with the bitter past and believing those fallacies.

I’m not saying we must forget… because there’s no such thing as forgetting… only ACCEPTANCE.

God will always guide us every step of the way.. and I know, He will do so too with our TVXQ boys.

I know, God has something in store for us.


I can feel it…

Always Keep The Faith! ^^




7 thoughts on “Always Keep The Faith

  1. OMG~!! I dont know what to do or what to say after I read this 😥
    speechless.. I guess
    but I admit it, ur writing about US is indeed TRUE!!!!
    we never knew what’s exactly happen until now
    I love with the way u’re thinking about this situation which is totaly in mess >///<
    when another cassies are make a fuss, make a fanwar, bashing each other, bashing the member of TVXQ which they've loved before
    it's painfull and pathetic 😦

    eventhough they have split into 2 groups, but I still love them like in the past when they were still together
    and true, there is no reason for hate any one of them
    they're the one whose we loved before, so why we must hate them just because they cant please our fangirling? it's selfish
    they deserved to be happy with the way they choose
    maybe we feel so hurt and we are in pain.. but we never ever can imagine it how pain they are, how hurt they are, and how sad they are
    they're in the worst condition which can not be compared with our condition.. that's it

    we must be strong!!
    There’s a saying: “There’s a rainbow always after the rain.”

    I love with ur remark point dear ^^

    thank you for ur beautiful writing 😀
    and sorry for my bad english, since english is not my 1st language

    • It’s okay.. I completely understand your words. ^^
      But you know, up until now, even though I have “accepted” that it happened, and even though I have found reasons to smile, sometimes I can’t get hold of myself wishing it didn’t happen..
      I get Emoshinki all the time.. :”(

      And yeah, Cassiopeia must be strong…
      I have encountered some Cassies who have lost the faith and left TVXQ, and it’s so sad…

      I hope that all Cassies can ACCEPT what happened.. and that they continue to love TVXQ… even though there is only HoMin and JYJ.. and most especially even if there’s only Jaejoong, only Yunho, only Yoochun, only Junsu, and only Changmin.. because we are Cassiopeia which has FIVE stars. 😀

  2. yeah, I’m crying when read this
    you’re right
    but however happen, I just wanna see them said thei are DBSK and singing in one stage, please…

  3. It’s a very cliched line but still, yes, let’s wait together. I think leaving them, leaving us especially in these unbearable conditions brought about by the lawsuit is going to be even more painful than adding up every tear of a Cassie shed because of what we are going through right now in this waiting stage. Anyways, while we’re waiting, why don’t we just continue setting and breaking records like we’ve always been love doing? 😀 **always a proud Cassie

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