To TV5XQ’s Dearest Anti’s && JYJ/HoMin stans…

Well hello! A Cassiopeia here, one who keeps the faith particularly…

It is so sad to see my fellow Cassies being hurt by your harsh words towards our dearest five boys, may it be HoMin or JYJ, may it be Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun or Junsu or TV5XQ as a whole…

I don’t like it when my family gets upset and especially when our boys gets bashed over false things..

I haven’t spoken a word towards you and this will be the first time.. and hopefully, this will be the last… 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dearest Anti’s, JYJ && HoMin stans,

Hi there! I am a Cassiopeia 😀

Before anything else, I wanted to say that I came in peace and I’m asking your favor to please respect my opinion just like how I respect your’s.

I found most of your reasons.. well.. uhm.. unreasonable and very shallow but still..

First of all, I would like to tell Anti’s to please stop saying hate words towards our boys, saying they have no talent, cannot sing and cannot dance or to the extent that you say that they suck… I can clearly say that those are biased beliefs because even a random person, could tell that TVXQ can sing and can dance. They are talented that even popular artists commend them for it. So, do they suck? Does a popular person commends on someone who suck? I think no… So please, stop blinding yourself and open your eyes, open your ears and open your mind.. You are missing a big part of your life just hating on our boys. Well, don’t misunderstand this as me persuading you to praise our boys.. It is not my reason.. My point is, please stop ranting about false things… I’d be happy if you’ll point out their flaws and weaknesses only if it’s reasonable enough. There are always room for improvements… And if you really can’t take on how they suck on both singing and dancing then.. I suggest you to go to another atists’ video and leave TVXQ alone. 🙂

Second, saying that they are ugly… I wouldn’t argue with you about that. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That two people could look at the same thing but with different opinions about it. We all have different definition when it comes to beauty so.. if you think that they are ugly then.. I would respect that.

Third, saying that they had done various surgeries on their faces. I don’t know about it.. None of the boys said something like they had plastic surgeries done on their faces so.. No one knows that truth.. not you, not even me. But comparing pictures from 2003 from their face now is a big joke, I’m telling you. All people grow up and mature, so do you and so do I.. Facial features and our body changes over time, just like how baby fat decreases as you grow. I’m telling you, I don’t look like this 8 years ago.. I bet you don’t, too. So, comparing those are pointless, just saying…

Fourth, hating them because of their fans… because of Cassies… because of us. We can be really crazy, obsessed and over possessive over our boys but that’s not a reason to hate TVXQ. You can hate us, Cassiopeia… but never a valid reason to hate TVXQ.

What more? Hating them for no reasons? Well, that is up to you…

As for JYJ/HoMin stans, as a Cassiopeia who supports the two individual groups, I’m fine with you supporting just the two or just the other three but please stop bashing on the other.

Please stop saying JYJ or HoMin are betrayers.. If those audio leaks, meetings and the contract itself convinced you that they are betrayers.. Well, I’m telling you this: The five boys have lived together for years, sharing the same joy and even the same pain. They are more than members to one another, friends, family.. even their treasure. So, how could you even think of them, betraying one another? If you’re saying those are just all for fanservice then I am telling you that most of them are not. As a Cassiopeia, I can say that we know the boys more than you.. We, the Cassies who have watched all their TV show appearances, concerts, live performances and even random videos have witnessed it all.. their love for one another.

And I would like to tell you this too, those things, the lawsuit, audio leaks and meetings cannot and will never can measure one’s thoughts and one’s heart. Only God knows everything about each of them and how they really feel towards one another so please, don’t judge them. What happened is not a thing to be judged, not a cause to fingerpoint who’s right or wrong, who’s the betrayer and the pitiful… No one knows the real story, not you, not even me… only the five boys themselves and not until they themselves point out who’s the betrayer and who’s wrong or not, we are never in the place to bash… For example, you do support HoMin, but did it cross to your mind even once that bashing JYJ can hurt HoMin or vice versa? Do you like it when someone accuses false things to your bestfriend, to your brother? No, right? So.. please, you can support JYJ/HoMin but please don’t bash on the other.. Why waste time for someone you dislike? It’s unreasonable…

And for those who insists on HoMin being the ONLY members of TVXQ and JYJ being NOT PART of TVXQ… Why rant on things like this? JYJ even said that they are still a part of TVXQ and that they don’t like it being referred to as ex-members of TVXQ.. See it like this: If you have a brother and he died.. Do you stop saying you have one? No, right? Same situation goes for the TVXQ duo now… They maybe the only ones in the group but let us please accept that there are still three other members. They are still TVXQ and there’s no way we could deny it. It’s like denying the childhood of an adult. Not until JYJ stop saying they’re a part of TVXQ… They are still a part of it…

You may not acknowledge my opinion as I know how strong your own personal beliefs are but please.. respect us. Respect our beliefs, our “Always Keep The Faith” slogan… I’ve visited an anti page before just because I want to see your point of view and your opinions as well as your reasons as to why you hate our boys, and it is so painful and heart wrenching to read that some of you bashes our belief. That phrase.. “Always Keep The Faith” is really special to us, a very meaningful one… and only fellow Cassies who still believe in our five boys can understand it. Please don’t judge us, please don’t bash us… because you don’t have the right to. If you call us delusional, then I’m proud to be one…

Another thing… saying they are better with just two or just three… I will slightly disagree with you there… They are best when they are five especially when performing and those acapellas… it can never be done with one voice missing. All five completes one another, completes one glorious stage and completes one perfect performance.. I’m not saying that they are not as good compared to when they’re five. Sure, they can replicate the works of TV5XQ with just two or three members but for me, and for many.. it is perfect if they all are together.

Cassiopeia is a name suggested by Changmin… A constellation consisting of five stars… The other three or other two may fade but we all know it is still there… Will always be there, in that same place..

Now… I do apologize if some of us may have hurt your own beliefs too, or may even had a fight with you… I’m apologizing if some of my fellow sisters or brothers offended in you in some way or have acted immaturely… I sincerely do… Cassiopeia is one big family and so, we stand all for one and one for all.

I’m hoping you’ll give me the respect and patience I’ve given you throughout. You have your reasons and so are we…

I’m tired and hurt too.. To see my family getting upset, getting confused, getting angry and most especially, crying over your doings and sayings… They are my family, I love them and I stand up for them.. And there’s entirely nothing you can do about it.

Our life is short, so don’t waste your time hating… It is never good, never beneficial and never healthy for us.

I sincerely hope that a day will come that you will be able to finally open your ears and eyes.. Be aware of everything first rather than taking sides even before hearing the other one out. Be rational and be open-minded to every little detail, that we can look straightly what the heart says, not just by mere looking at appearances.

I hope that we are never gonna be narrow-minded not to hear other people’s opinions out and taking them for considerations.

I’m not implying that I’m the oh-so-perfect fan as some of you might think. I have my flaws and weaknesses too… To tell you honestly, I’m an anti fan of SNSD before. Not an anti actually but I hate them.. well, because of my own personal reasons too.. But the moment I have given them a chance, I listened to their songs and paid attention to their performances, I came to like them. As of now, I respect all nine girls and highly commend them for their hardwork. I listen to their songs, too and am even a YoonAddict, too. ^^

That’s what I’m saying, let’s give everyone chances.. because we don’t know what we might be missing in our life.

Keep on smiling! I hope that your day will be great… 😀

Sincerely Yours,

Cassiopeia ❤

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, that’s it ^^

No hate feelings, it’s all my opinion so I expect you to respect it.

I hope that you got my point and may God bless us all!



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