A Letter to my Dearest Cassiopeia…

Hello everyone! 😀

This letter is for my Cassiopeia family especially to the members of the group World Bigeast Cassiopeia.

Note: I have written this letter last year and decided to publish it just today. ^^

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Five stars shone at the hour of our meeting…”

We’ve known each other by chance… by having the same interests, same hopes and same wishes… Some may even say, coincidence.

Best Christmas gift I received?

It is you, Cassiopeia.

The family I never thought I would have.

Sure there is no blood relation or even personal attachment but there is that emotional connection within all of us.

Truthfully, I never regret being one… I never regret joining WBC… Never, ever.

In fact, I’m really proud to be one, to be a member of this group. ❤

I’m really thankful to you, Cassies… especially to my 2, 431 siblings in the group.

I am a SONE, Shawol and an F(x) fan before, but it is only in you… that made me experience this kind of things.

You guys made me realize that there’s more to the meaning of Cassiopeia.

It’s not just a constellation, not just a fanclub name and not just all about supporting and loving our five TVXQ boys.

There’s a lot more…

The love we have for each other, the trust, the faith and the bond, we, Cassies shared in the long run.

It is unveiled to me the moment I joined this fandom…

FAMILY, rather.

And I’m loving every single second of it. 😀

We became friends because we all have something in common, we all are Cassiopeia…

We all love TVXQ. We love Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin. No more, no less…

It started like that… but now, we are more than friends.

I can proudly call you my family not just because of the common things but because I love all of you, my TREASURE.

We all haven’t met personally but I feel really loved.

Everyday, I am really eager to open my facebook account. Know why?

It’s because I know that there will always be that one notification from you guys.

Promise! It never fails… Sometimes, all of them are from you! ^^

In this big cruel world, I am so lucky to have found you, Cassies.

I’ve always been on the verge of letting go of the faith but when the moment I met you, I felt really optimistic.

We may be countries and oceans apart but as long as we’re living under the same sky,

breathing the same air,

longing for the same things,

wishing for the same wish,

hoping for the same hope,

keeping the same faith,

and loving the same five guys…

I know.. I am never alone. ❤

You will always be there to give me encouraging words to strengthen my faith on our boys.

You will always be there to remind me to ignore those Anti’s and so-called Cassies but bashes the other two or other three.

You will always be there… who’ll laugh with me on the same funny TVXQ picture,

who’ll smile together with me while watching our boy’s performances,

who’ll go crazy with me on some YunJae picture, facts and even rumors,

who’ll spazz  together with me seeing the YooSu couple together,

who’ll get along with me shipping the MinFood couple,

who’ll cry with me remembering the good, old times,

who’ll have the same synchronized thoughts as mine,

who’ll share my laughs, my smiles and even the pain…

I know that there will always be you whom I can turn to.

You, Cassies, are the rare ones who understands me BEST. ❤

Just like how real friends do it…

You never fail to make me laugh, smile and feel loved.

You’ve given me enlightenment, ease in my pain, encouragement on hard times and made me feel

“I’m not alone.”

And just like how family says it…

“You have us here.” :’>

This incredible bond… for sure, can never be broken.

Years from now, I know.. that I will always be proud of the fact that I am a Cassiopeia.

I love you guys… seriously.. As much as I love the boys.. TVXQ = Cassiopeia

You complete me. ^^

To say that “You’re the best” is still an understatement for me.

I’m thankful… You guys rock! Especially to my… ooops… it’s now 6,212 siblings.

Our family never stops growing, huh? I love that. 😀

I know I became a Cassie after the split but you guys still welcomed me warmly into your big family.

Before, I can’t help but ask.. Am I too late TVXQ?

Am I really too late to discover these five gods of Kpop?

Am I too late to be fascinated by Xiah Junsu’s butt?

Am I too late to hear Micky Yoochun’s sexy English?

Am I too late to be amazed by Max Changmin’s scream?

Am I too late to laugh at U-Know Yunho’s accent?

And am I too late to be inspired by Hero Jaejoong’s struggles in life?

But now… I knew I have found the answer. You, Cassies, have given me the answer.

It is never too late.

Never too late to keep the faith on them.

It is not where it all began nor where this will all end… It’s in the process and the journey in between that matters.

To me, who’s a Cassiopeia, even waiting for our TVXQ boys is a sweet thing to do…

But waiting with all of you? It just became sweeter.

When our TVXQ boys finally reunite, we will be the happiest family.. bigger than before, of course.

Well, probably the biggest family there will ever be.

And when that happens, I can say… it is the sweetest. ❤

Just like our boys… Cassies, you’re the BEST… 


Thank you so much!

Thanks you World Bigeast Cassiopeia, especially to the ones who created it.

I’ll always be a proud Cassie.

I hope we could grow together for more years to come…

Always Keep The Faith! 😀


Pauline A.K.A cassieforever

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


3 thoughts on “A Letter to my Dearest Cassiopeia…

  1. we will always keeping our faith together, right, sista? ^^
    we have each other shoulders to lend on..

    make sure u’ll always remember that u’re not alone..

    cassies sure would do ANYTHING for our boys..
    we will wait together, dear.. *bighug*
    proud of u.. proud of ur post.. proud of our boys.. proud of our fandom..
    forever CASSIOPEIA.. ^^

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