[Part 2] A Letter to my Dearest Cassiopeia…

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” – Anthony Brandt

I have seen and read some fellow Cassies who are giving up the faith… and so, this letter is especially for them and of course, to my fellow Cassies as well. ^^

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“If you feel lonely, sad and depressed… Just remember me, ’cause you never walk alone.”

How has it been for you?

Surely, it must’ve been same as mine.

You know why?

Because, we, Cassiopeias, are binded with love,

and are connected by heart.

If you think you’re losing the faith…

If you think you’re gonna give up…

If you think you can’t go on with this anymore…

Just remember two things,

One… remember the very reason you became a Cassiopeia…

Remember the first time you saw TVXQ,

Remember the first second you fell in love with them,

Remember the first tear you shed for them,

Remember the first time you said “I am a Cassiopeia.”

And remember how you once said, “Always Keep The Faith”

It is more than enough for you to stay….

But if it still isn’t then…

Two… Remember… that there are a thousand Cassies behind you…

Ready to catch you at any moment,

And ready to strengthen you and give encouraging words to keep the faith alive,

Because like me, I have been on that position too… On the verge of letting go…

But looking at you, Cassiopeia, it feels like one-half of my life would be missing if I left you, if I left TVXQ.

Now… let’s keep the faith together, okay? 🙂

I cannot afford one family member running away from home.

When roads ahead are tough and rough, I can never promise to smooth it out for you…

Instead, I’ll hold your hand and walk with you and promise not to let go…

We will be here to share your pain…

And even will be… the reason for your smile.

Because we, Cassiopeia, knows how you feel better than anyone else.

But if you have decided to leave,

Just remember…

We are here… ready to welcome you again and give a *BIGCASSIEHUG*

You will always be a part of this family.

We, Cassiopeia, are born to love TVXQ.

Let us only believe on what our TVXQ boys have to say…

Because we are made for them… and they are made for us.

Let’s continue to trust and keep the faith on each other.

Just like how the five stars of Cassiopeia stays connected no matter how far they are from each other…

We, Cassies, will always be connected by hearts even when we are oceans and countries apart..

And because if TVXQ is where Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu belong,

It is in Cassiopeia where all of us belong too.

Now… a small word for all of you..

Mahal Ko Kayo!

Ik hou van Jou! 

Te quiero!

Te Amo!

Saya cinta padamu!

Seni Seviyorum!

Wo Ai Ni!

Je t’aime!


Ich Liebe Dich!

Wa ga ei li!



Whatever language it is in… It never changes the meaning and how much I mean it…

I Love You! ❤


Pauline (cassieforever)


“We met by chance in this city
Even now, I won’t forget, because from that day
Living and believing, while I change them into joy
Let us always walk together
Proud of your love….”



5 thoughts on “[Part 2] A Letter to my Dearest Cassiopeia…

  1. cassiopeia sẽ mãi mãi ở bên nhau, không bao giờ rời xa!!!!!:(( dù con đường phía trước có chông gai thế nào đi nữa! dù có phải đợi lâu đến thế nào đi nữa….chúng ta sẽ không bao giờ bỏ cuộc…phải không nào???

  2. oh! I’m sorry! I will translate it^^! “Cassiopeia will be together forever, never to leave!!: ((even though the road ahead is tough as it will be! have to wait long though as it will be …. we will not never give up … is not it?” ^^ tôi thực sự rất yêu quí bạn! ngày nào tôi cũng nge nhạc, ngày nào tôi cũng xem các show và tôi thấy thực sự hạnh phúc! DBSK không thể thiếu đối với tôi! Cassiopeia cũng vậy! tôi tự hào^^ bạn cũng tự hào phải không?^^

  3. uhm! I understand you! because some of my friends were like that! but I was so happy! because many people still love DBSK especially you! I can not stop reading your words, and thank you! you for giving me hope again! thanks! Cassiopeia is my life ^ ^

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