Be Strong, Cassiopeia <3


Intertwined with that word is the strongest, the biggest.

Whenever they watch TVXQ’s past TV show appearances…

They are laughing heartily with their boys… because for them, seeing TVXQ smile and laugh are one of the things where they couldn’t wish for more.

Whenever there are Antis bashing their TVXQ boys…

They put on their strong faces and defend their idols… because for them, their boys doesn’t deserve such insults and harsh words.

Whenever there are new people taking interest in TVXQ…

They will wear their big, pretty smiles, strongly welcoming you in the family… because for them, TVXQ deserved such recognition and that they feel proud when their boys get such praise.

Whenever there are fellow Cassiopeia who’s losing the faith…

They will always be there to give you a *bigCassiehug* and to strengthen your faith… because they are afraid of losing one family member.

But little did I know…

That behind these strong faces,

Behind these smiling faces,

Behind these laughing faces,

Behind these concerned faces…

There is pain.

There is longing.

There are words left unspoken… emotions left unexpressed… and tears left unshed.

That most of the times, just the mere thought of TVXQ makes them cry.

That most of the times, they are going on Emoshinki.

That most of the times, they just get strength from other Cassiopeia… because in any second, they could just crumble.

Trying their hardest to hold on, trying their hardest to believe, and trying their hardest to keep the faith.

I knew these things because I am now a Cassiopeia.

And I salute Cassiopeia all over the world.

I admit, I am not that strong.

I admit, that there are times when I thought I’d let go.

I admit, that there are times when I thought I’d forget about TVXQ.

I admit, that there are times that I got tired of waiting.

But because of you…

Because of Cassiopeia…

I learned to hold on even on the smallest strand of hope there ever is.

I learned to believe not what the eyes see… but to what the heart feels.

I learned to keep the faith no matter how rough the road ahead is.

Cassiopeia thought me that it’s okay to cry… because I after that I can smile…

Like as they say…

“Tears are not a sign of weakness… but a sign of pure heart”

Because like a child, we smile.

Because like a child, we laugh.

Because like a child, we believe.

And because like a child… we cry.

Now, wipe those tears and smile, Cassies.

Remember, we are strong.

Remember, you are a Cassiopeia.

And each tear that escapes from our precious eyes are of great significance…

Because it is not just any other tear.

It is a Cassiopeia’s tear.

Only fellow Cassies knew how meaningful it is…

And only fellow Cassies knew that even though we’re the most vulnerable family…

We’re still the strongest above all.

Thank you Cassiopeia.

You made me stronger.



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