The Yoochun Incident, Who are we to Judge?

Apparently, a video from 2009 claiming TVXQ’s Yoochun slapping a fan was brought up again by some stans in connection with TVXQ’s Yunho’s “excuse me!” thing.

I am a new Cassie and so, this video is new to me.

The video shows Jaejoong’s back while Yoochun is ahead of a few steps from him. The camera’s quite shaky and because Yoochun is quite far, it really didn’t capture Yoochun’s face clear enough to say that it really is him.

At around 14 secs in the video, we can hear a slapping sound and some gasps from the fans.

The question? Who slapped who?

In the video, we can see a person “slapped” a fan and even “grabbed/patted” the other person’s hair, but it got cut off after that so we don’t know why, if Yoochun really slapped that fan, Jaejoong didn’t do anything?

But due to the camera’s poor quality and “Yoochun” being quite far from the camera, we couldn’t really identify or clearly see what really happened.

With the pictures and the video presented, I can say that the person in the black top really IS Yoochun. No doubt about that, Cassies.

Just a while ago, I saw another video, claiming that it really isn’t Yoochun’s intention to slap or hurt the fan. It says that Yoochun is discussing something with another person when a girl suddenly passed between the two of them the time Yoochun raised his hand to do a high-five with the person he’s talking to. And because he accidentally hit the fan, he immediately patted and brushed the fan’s head/hair.

Well, as a Cassiopeia, I know Yoochun. He and other TVXQ members as well, treasures fans so much. All five are grateful to their fans so hitting them is very unlikely for TVXQ members to do so.

On the other side of the story, stans are clearly pointing that Yoochun slapped the fan.

In my point of view, so what if Yoochun really hit the fan?

What if he really slapped her?

He has his own reasons for doing so. You, would you hit someone just because you feel like it? No, right?

Yoochun and the rest of TVXQ members aren’t “gods” like what their name Dong Bang Shin Ki implies…  They are still humans who commit mistakes. They are just like the rest of us, they can get impatient, they can get angry and they can get irritated, too.

They’re not robots and as a human, I know that they knew what is right and what is wrong and that they will never do such an act in public without reasons.

I am a Cassiopeia but I still tried to understand the two sides of the story, but because I know Yoochun better, you must know which side I am in. But if in case he really slapped the fan… so what? I know he did that with his own reasons but not in the intention of just wanting to hurt somebody. And even if it did happen, my love for him will never decrease.

I am a Cassiopeia and I love all five members together with their flaws and weaknesses, I’ve accepted everything about them, both positive and negative.

Last note… this video is from 2009 people!

Let’s get over it. 😀

Plus, we all know that haters ARE gonna hate with or without this video.

Claim and say what they want, let them believe what they want to believe because we, Cassies, have our own beliefs too… and that will never change, no matter what haters are gonna say. ^^

And just like what my title says, “Who are we to judge?”

We are not even in the situation! O.o Hahaha!

Anything else to discuss here? Haha! I’m gonna go back to my DB5K Marathon, ‘kay? 😀

Annyeong! ^^


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