Rumor, Death, Pain… and Tears

It’s March 16… I still have lots of school works to do but I felt the urge to write here and just…

let all my opinions out…

It felt like as another day pass, another tragic moment will come.

This moment, is like a typhoon for Cassies and DBSK to endure.

It all started with Yoochun hitting a fan… when later, a video came up… a much closer one, with Yoochun the one being hit.

Then, the sasaeng rumors, Jaejoong hitting a sasaeng, plus voice audios of the JYJ members.

It led the public to know more and be aware of what these sasaengs really are, what are the things they usually do and up to what extent they can do things…

They are too many, too scary and too horrifying to mention.

A video of Changmin being hit by a bag of rocks in the face is uploaded too.

Various kpop sites like soompi and allkpop released news regarding the sasaengs, a manager’s interview about it and even interviews from the sasaengs themselves.

Then came, Junsu saying on twitter that our dear Jaejoongie is stressed out.

After that, Changmin’s dear grandmother died.

I can imagine the pain… Just months ago, I lost my grandfather too… :”(

What more if it’s a parent?

Just like what happened to our dear Yoochun

After a successful concert in South America, a horrifying news welcomed JYJ especially Yoochun.

What’s worse is that he got informed by the people, both fans and reporters in the airport…

Not even coming from his own family. 😦

Pictures of him crying his eyes out spread like wildfire in the internet.

People blaming Homin, claiming them as heartless as they didn’t attended Yoochun’s father’s funeral…

Same with blaming JYJ for not attending on Changmin’s grandma’s funeral…

Oh C’mon people… are you really so narrow minded about this??

Both lost someone, all five are grieving, all five are exhausted…

Can we not be contented with the thought that deep inside, all five are included in each other’s prayers?

They may not be there for each other physically…

but I’m a thousand percent sure, their hearts are with one another…

News about Yoohwan collapsing, and Yoochun not even eating… nor sleeping…

News about Jaejoong getting IV treatment in his home because of fainting…

Pictures of Junsu getting thinner day by day…

News about Changmin and Yoochun going back to work as soon as the funeral is over…

Anti’s bringing up the bitter separation from the past, claiming Yunho is the one responsible for the break-up….

It’s sad…

It’s depressing…

Everything’s in total chaos.

Cassiopeia… crying their eyes out.

Cassiopeia… under depression.

Cassiopeia… who lost two family members too.

Cassiopeia… who pray for all five of them everyday.

Cassiopeia… whom, even hurting, still continues to smile to give the boys’ strength.


You just proved yourselves as being in a different level compared to other fandoms.

TVXQ… Please continue to be strong…

U-Know Yunho… We will always remember what you told us… To only believe in what the five of you has to say… We believe in the five of you.

Max Changmin… Please continue to be strong, we actually missed your smile. Sincere condolences from Cassiopeia.

Hero Jaejoong… We know you regret not being able to attend Yoochun’s father’s funeral a lot… but please get well soon… We’re so worried about you.

Micky Yoochun… A man of tears… Please stop starving yourself! We know you’re depressed but please don’t forget to take care of yourself too, okay? We’ll always be here for you. Deepest condolences from Cassiopeia.

Xiah Junsu… You too! Please take care of yourself, ne? Please continue to be there for JaeJae umma and for Yoochun. Cass worries for you because you look like you haven’t eaten for days.

Cassiopeia… I love you guys… Seriously…

How much? I don’t know either…

Let’s always be there for each other, okay?

Smile now~

A day will come, where everything’s at peace, where all five’s smiles are present, where we continue to be the naughty, playful Cassies we always are…

A day will come, where all five boys’ are hand in hand, together in one stage…

Thanking us… because we waited and held on a single hope and continued to keep…

the same faith through the years.

U-Know Yunho fighting!

Choikang Changmin fighting!

Youngwoong Jaejoong fighting!

Micky Yoochun fighting!

Dong Bang Shin Ki fighting!

CASSIOPEIA fighting!



Xiah Junsu fighting!

*We love you Junsu ^^*

— I missed this…—


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