PROUD of your LOVE…

Today is my birthday!

And I made this… and I think I’ll share it with everyone. So… I was really planning to just do some free writing, but then I ended up including song titles… 🙂

I’m a bit embarassed.. Haha! Too bad, I haven’t included all songs…  they are way too many! XD

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WHATEVER THEY SAY, I will still be a PROUD Cassiopeia in my HEART, MIND AND SOUL. Meeting TVXQ is like a RAINBOW in a SUMMER DREAM, where I felt that CRAZY LOVE and even made me carry a PICTURE OF YOU in my wallet. Because of you, I have known what LOVE IS. Because of you, every song I sing is a SONG FOR YOU, and even if there’s a DAY MOON, everyday is a BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Meeting you made me a childish fangirl… where I imagine you say HEY! GIRL, ask me WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND? And tell me the words DON’T CRY MY LOVER. I have always asked myself, what IF I get CLOSE TO YOU? Then, I would giggle because thoughts of you calling me MY GIRLFRIEND while I prepare a TEA FOR TWO as our TWO HEARTS become one would always pop up in my mind. I always look forward to the time where you’ll call me HEY! And ask me, ARE YOU A GOOD GIRL? But then, I’ll answer NO and like a PARADISE, we would CLAP! our hands and WISH that this moment will last forever.

You are my precious treasure but your image in me kept on changing. There are times when I see you as a bubbly group, someone who always have a HIGH TIME, someone who’ll say HI YA YA in a random moment. I sometimes see you as a person who possess a DANGEROUS MIND from all the hotness you guys have, to the extent that I have to FREE MY MIND from all the sexiness and even needed someone to GET ME SOME water before I faint. There are also times when I think that this is all a TRICK because the five of you are so perfect; I even thought you were LAST ANGEL on Earth.

 Starting from there, you became my BEAUTIFUL YOU and I’ve became your FLOWER LADY. Whenever I see BALLOONS, my heart REMEMBERS that YOU’RE MY MIRACLE. You taught me how to RIDE ON the flow of situations and even taught me to keep the faith. My love for you has grown which can be compared to a PHANTOM, I can’t see it but I can just feel it and with that I am certain that there’s YOU ONLY LOVE. This feeling will never go away and will continue ON AND ON. I want to say THANKS TO you for everything you’ve endured just for me, for Cassiopeias, and for calling me MY LITTLE PRINCESS.

There may be MILLION MEN in the world, but because I am a CHOOSEY LOVER, it’s YOU ALWAYS whom I crave for that’s why even if you change THE WAY U ARE, I will NEVER LET GO and will never take back my word when I say I BELIEVE in you when you said I’LL BE THERE.

With the current situation you are in, it feels like I want to RUNAWAY from all these pain and tears; it feels like dialing a WRONG NUMBER. Everyday has been a RAINY NIGHT, a CRAZY LIFE, and I felt like being a WILD SOUL lost in a MAZE. My love felt hopeless like LOVE IN THE ICE, but it’s funny how I am certain that even if we’re in a MIROTIC situation, you will still be my FOREVER LOVE and that there’s NOTHING BETTER than that.

I’m sorry because I have said many WHITE LIES like I’m okay but I know I’m not… LIKE NOW, like TONIGHT, I am HOLDING BACK THE TEARS again looking for a SHELTER to hear the WHISPER OF the wind to calm myself wishing you to STAY WITH ME TONIGHT and TRY MY LOVE.

Like a LITTLE KID, I wanted to HUG you while saying PLEASE, STOP THE TIME. LOVIN’ YOU may be the hardest thing now and due to circumstances, you even said DON’T FORGET ME… to many, this may feel like a DEAD END… but BECAUSE TOMORROW COMES, I know there’ll always be a RISING SUN, saying that even when oceans BREAK UP THE SHELL, your love for us, Cassies, will always be ETERNAL. I’ll never look again for SOMEBODY TO LOVE because I know that YOU ARE MY MELODY and MY DESTINY. I will never say LOVE BYE LOVE because YOUR LOVE IS ALL I NEED, that’s why I’ll be ALWAYS THERE for you. I will TAKE YOUR HANDS while saying the words I’ll STAND BY U forever. I WANNA HOLD YOU, hush you from crying, take away all your suffering and pain and promise you that I will never KISS SHITA MAMA SAYONARA. I know that THE STORY HAS JUST BEGUN and that there will always be LOVE AFTER LOVE.

I really MISS YOU, the reason why I am eager to the time WHEN WE’LL BE TOGETHER. There may be FORGOTTEN SEASONS but you will remain UNFORGETTABLE, you will always SHINE in my heart. From the first time I saw you, I’ve never questioned myself WHY DID I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU? Because you, TVXQ, itself is the reason why. So please, DON’T SAY GOODBYE… I know that taking a STEP BY STEP, we’ll get closer to the time we’ll say HELLO AGAIN. Even though we’ve been through the hardest time there is… we can always BEGIN again, in A WHOLE NEW WORLD, erasing the DARKNESS EYES, under the same peaceful SKY, like the peaceful fleeting sound of BOLERO, and that’s a YAKUSOKU. Even if the world reaches up to the year 9095 or 9096, we’ll always be TOGETHER. I will STAND UP! and KISS THE BABY SKY with you WITH ALL MY HEART.

Cassiopeia and TVXQ are ONE, that even PURPLE LINE cannot define their relationship. We will take over and SHARE THE WORLD together. NOBODY KNOWS but WE ARE! the only SURVIVOR because after all this time, it has been TVXQ and Cassiopeia’s SECRET GAME and that we’ll never be separated even by the largest distance possible… because TVXQ said that LOVE IS NEVER GONE and just like in Jaejoong and Yoochun’s words, we’re like a MELODY AND HARMONY in love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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