Traveling with Dong Bang Shin Ki

Silently gazing at the clouds, I could still remember the day I first saw you. I could still recall how you smile at me, how you wave at me, how you wait for me to come to you.
I close my eyes against the glare of the sun, wishing that if I open them again, I would see the five of you just like how I first saw you. The youthful smiles, the innocent faces, and the happy souls you’ve always been.

After a while’s rest, I started walking down the unfamiliar path, and while with you… I unknowingly fell in love with the miracle the five of you has created. You became my source of strength and the reason behind my smiles. Yes, I can still clearly remember and right now…

You fill my heart yet again.

I wanted to express how touched I was when the morning sun rose and you came in my thoughts. It feels like you’re greeting me firsthand in the morning and I feel so happy about it.

All the old times merged together forming today, I still can’t believe how much you changed my life. I can still feel the happiness the moment I saw you, the gladness and immeasurable joy you have given me and all the times we became as one in spirit.

Years have passed but up until now… undoubtedly, my heart is filled with you.

I wonder, if I walked on the sea, will I be able to reach you? It seems like you’re so near yet so far. It seems like you are now something at the far end of the horizon. The five of you… if I travel outside the borderlines, will I see you together once again?

If we meet, I’d give you my whole heart. I wanted to share to you my joy, my happiness. I wanted you to know how much you’ve done in my life. I wanted to thank and repay you with everything I have. I wanted to hug you and make you feel that in return, I will always be here for you.

And somehow, if I meet you by chance along that path… please acknowledge me. A simple greeting that would signify everything… that there’s still you… that there’s still me… that there’s still we.

It feels like magic… I can’t believe, that out of millions of people I managed to see you coincidentally, to know you by choice and to fall in love with the five of you by chance.

I am afraid… that I won’t get the chance even just to have a glance at you… your smile, your eyes, your face… A glance at the persons who made me the way I am right now. I know, we are oceans and countries apart…

but if I go against the forgotten time… Will I be able to see you before I’m reborn?

If I walked on the sea, will I be able to reach you? Yes… I do believe we will see each other… for you’ve taught me to believe, to hope and to always keep the faith for the five of you.

If we meet, I’d give you my whole heart. If I meet you by chance along that path… please acknowledge me. I know you will, because never once… did you ignore someone like me. Never once did you forget that there is Cassiopeia behind you. Never once, did we part… we are always one.

If I reached the ends of the skies, will I be able to communicate with you?

If I meet you, I’ll tell you everything in my heart. I’ll tell you that I’ll always hope for the best outcome and that I will always support you in whatever decision you’ll make even if the reason can’t be shared with me.

And just like a clear dream… I would always wish for that moment to come. The day the five of you would walk down again the once unfamiliar path for both of us.

And I’ll assure you… that when you walk down that path again… I’ll be there on the other end. I’ll be the one who’s smiling at you. I’ll be the one who’s waiting for you… I’ll be the one who’ll wave at you… I’ll be the one who’ll be your source of strength, the reason of your smile. I’ll become something you once are to me.

I want to be with you in the near future. ‘Til then and forever… I will always be here for you… My heart will always be traveling with yours.

I’ll always be your guiding light, your brightest star, Cassiopeia.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy Birthday Park Yoochun! ❤

I really loved the song Yeo Haeng Gi, unexplainable feelings, I’m deeply touched with the song ❤


2 thoughts on “Traveling with Dong Bang Shin Ki

  1. u make me cry…. T___T
    this is beautifull.
    and yes, your heart, my heart, cassiopeia hearts will always be traveling with them.
    thanx for sharing

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