Cassiopeia: To Whom The Name Rightfully Belongs…

NOTE: This is entirely my opinion about the matter. No bashing, I love TVXQ, I am a Cassiopeia.

So, for those who do not know… Cassiopeia, the name of a constellation is currently the name of TVXQ fans since 2003 given by one of the group members, Shim Changmin.

Because of the group split, having three TVXQ members in a new group called JYJ and the two remaining members continuing in the name of TVXQ, fans have been fighting all over the Internet as to who should be rightfully called as Cassiopeia.

So… let’s see. There are fans since pre-lawsuit who still supports the five members and hoping for them to comeback. They are nicknamed as OT5s too.

There are fans since pre-lawsuit who chose to support only JYJ now.

There are fans since pre-lawsuit who chose to support only the TVXQ duo now.

There are new fans of JYJ.

There are new fans of TVXQ.

So, who among these gets to use the legendary name “Cassiopeia?”

Of course, the OT5s have the rights to call themselves one as first and foremost, Cassiopeia is the name given since 2003 with TVXQ as a five-membered group. You can’t expect them to just throw away the name and call themselves Cassies only for the duo and JYJ fans for the trio. Well, we should at least pay them some respect. Out of all the fans I have mentioned, they are the ones who suffered a lot, and even now, some are still in pain.

The fans since pre-lawsuit who chose to support only JYJ is not rightful to be called a Cassiopeia. They are supporting another group now, which is not TVXQ, therefore, they should be called as JYJ fans instead. They are now JYJ fans from Cassiopeia.

The fans since pre-lawsuit who chose to support only the TVXQ duo now are still called Cassiopeia. They are still following the group TVXQ, therefore, they’re still Cassiopeia. No matter how bitter that may sound to their fellow pre-lawsuit Cassies who supports the five, that’s just how it is.

The new fans of the trio, JYJ. Clearly, they are not calling themselves Cassies so… Yeah, they’re quiet in these type of situation.

The new fans of the duo, TVXQ. Yes, of course, they are still Cassies. As I have said, Cassiopeia is the fanclub name for TVXQ. Some OT5s… please stop bashing them, saying that the name Cassiopeia has five stars therefore they should support the other three too. These new Cassies knew TVXQ as a duo therefore they love the two. How can you expect them to love the other three when they are not there when they decided to call themselves a Cassie? And to some duo fans… please stop bashing the OT5s. They are just merely hoping and believing, how wrong is that to you? They still have the right to the name Cassiopeia clearly because they are already there when you’re still not.

I’m an OT5 myself and it hurts me so much how I am not allowed to mention something about the past or something about missing them as five under a TVXQ duo video. We’re not saying things like “this would be better if the other three members are included too” but instead we’re just saying we just badly missed them.

Okay, I’m not going to rant. I’m going off-topic now because of this but I wanted to add this little fact.

Acknowledgement is what I ask of you, TVXQ duo fans. Cassiopeia is a constellation made of five stars given for a group with five members. There may only be two now and there may be two brightest stars in the said constellation but remember, the other three stars are still there. Just like how adults were once a kid, let us respect that TVXQ was once a five-member group and that there are people who loves those five together. They may not be where they are right now if it weren’t for the work of the five of them together.

Now, let me just say… We are not competing fandoms here. We are one. We both support Yunho and Changmin; we both support and love TVXQ; we are both their Cassiopeia. I want you all to know that there may be differences but we can settle it down, right? As a tiny drop of the beautiful red ocean, I think this is the least thing I could do… I don’t want to see a bunch of red seas but rather, a big beautiful red ocean which we once had.

Let’s bring the peace back again and make new beautiful memories together…

not as OT5 fans… not as Homin fans…

but as the legendary Cassiopeia.

I think I have made myself clear here. This is purely my opinion about to whom the name Cassiopeia rightfully belongs.


7 thoughts on “Cassiopeia: To Whom The Name Rightfully Belongs…

  1. I do not want to offend you but it’s time to see the truth
    cassiopeia is dead

    JyJ fans from cassiopeia..holyshinkis from cassiopeia ?
    silly thing,such joke …cassiopeia is living on a big lie
    cassiopeia act like if you have power or you are more than new fans
    but at the end ,your big fanclub is breaking.

    at the end ,JYJ fans and Homin fans are the real thing
    at least they are living in the present.
    cassiopeia live from the past , old memories,old quotes, cant understand people changed ..five boys act like if dbsk is your ex-husband what you can not let go bcuz you are masochistic..then you refuse to live in the present.

    Cassiopeia only exits when 5 five stars(guys) are together…5 stars are not together anymore..cassiopeia lost their 5 stars.
    DBSK is broken matter how some cassies denies it so hard
    you can said JYJ from TVXQ…homin from TVXQ ,even they can said you “I love DBSK” but are they back together?NO
    every time They are moving farther..
    they do not regret their decision
    you can said Jaejoong said that,Jaejoong said this..Junsu sang a song from DBSK,Yunho support JYJ etc ,etc excuses..more excuses
    but at the end the reality is JYJ still be called JYJ and Homin still is TVX2Q

    • It seems like you’re kind of angry…?

      Anyways, when you said, “it’s time to see the truth” I wasn’t offended, just so you know. I know that I am a Cassiopeia who cannot move on but I don’t see the relevance of what you’re trying to say in this comment to my post, honestly. I am actually talking about who are the ones to be rightfully called as Cassiopeia, I’m not saying that Jaejoong said this or that, Junsu sang a DBSK song, or things like I want old DBSK back and such. In fact, I wasn’t even talking about JYJ or Homin here, I’m talking about the fans. -.-”

      AND I do not want to offend you but I think it’s also time for you to see the truth. CASSIOPEIA ISN’T DEAD. As long as TVXQ is alive, then so is Cassiopeia. :”) Got that?

      • I know a lot of people get emotional about this, but after the lawsuit concluded, SM Entertainment stated that they will never meet with JYJ again. The original DBSK is gone forever, which is a sad reality.
        As such, I don’t think it’s appropriate to call HoMin fans “Cassies”.

        However, I do think it’s okay to be a Cassiopeia if you’re a fan of the original group whether you were there in the beginning or not. I’m a HOT fan and I still call myself a White Angel even though they’ve since disbanded.

        So, if someone is a fan of the original DBSK and the current one, they should probably refer to themselves as both a Cassiopeia and HoMin’s fan, not simply a Cassiopeia.
        SM Entertainment should be respectful to fans and create another official fanclub name for the current DBSK since Cassiopeia has such a strong meaning and is, like I said, just not appropriate to use anymore.

        If JYJ was able to leave peacefully, this wouldn’t even be such an issue. But since SM Entertainment wouldn’t allow it, they also hurt Cassies and so they should be more respectful and thoughtful to them. I’m afraid they’ll just try to pretend nothing happened and keep things as they are.

        I never argue with other fans about the fanclub name, but these are my thoughts about it.

    • Sorry to interrupt… but, i dont see any truth from what u wrote??? lol
      Cassiopeia is dead? If we are… I mean if Cassiopeia is dead, u’ll never heard anything about Cassiopeia these days anymore…
      What JYJ did and what HoMin did… maybe only u see it as tons of excuses… only people like u.

      and maybe this time, its for u to see the truth…
      “…the reality is JYJ still be called JYJ and Homin still is TVX2Q
      That is not reality…. that is NOW, present time, what the guys are now… and the way u say; it WILL last forever is not reality… because in REALITY, people didnt know what the future brings.
      and their past, the old memories, all are reality too… u want to deny that?

      We, the OT5 fans or whatever u wanna call us who support the fabulous 5 are NOT DREAMING they are still 5. We’re actually HOPING & WISHING in REALITY they will reunite as a group one day.
      We’re what? live from the past , old memories,old quotes, huh? tskk… we’re not that lame… lol

  2. Hmm usually I argue with HoMin fans who call themselves Cassies but…that’s just because they are insulting JYJ. I can accept to some point that HoMin fans are also called Cassiopeia ~ okay, fine, I get it, the 2 boys are TVXQ now so their fans are still Cassiopeia.
    But what upsets me is when I see those “Cassies” bashing JYJ. Really, that I cannot accept.

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