Cassiopeia Confession #4

“I honestly lost interest in the bands I used to like before I met TVXQ.”

Whenever there are news of new song releases, I wasn’t that excited as I used to before. It seems like they have become just another group for me. I still give a little time to watch them of course but the spark has been long gone. They don’t give the WOW factor anymore. It’s true, I still like a few songs and there are still one or two songs from them that makes it in my playlist but…

I’m sorry. I have now become just another person who knows you and your songs.


2 thoughts on “Cassiopeia Confession #4

  1. Was this your own confession???
    because I met DBSK 1st… no other male kpop group nowadays make me go like “WoW~” watching their perf…haha! When they acting cute, I always thought “dbsk is cuter and more natural…”, when they jokes, “dbsk is funnier”. when they perform, “dbsk is hotter, sexier and more charismatic and they didnt have energy like dbsk did ><". when they are on screen "better if I watch dbsk instead~" . Sorry if i bragging to much… but we're cassies… u know me right?? ^^

    • Yup, this is my own confession.. and YEAH! I totally understand you… Like… EVERY BIT. XDDD *highfive* DBSK is the best with everything out there! Case closed 😉

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