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Happy 1 Year To Me!

I’m now a year-old bouncing baby Cassie. 🙂

Isn’t it nice? I may have a very busy schedule, I still have tons of things lined-up for me to do but THERE’S NO WAY that I’ll skip celebrating this precious happening in my life. ❤

Somehow, when I entered this fandom, I felt like a different person, like… I was born again. This may be childish to say and most probably, other persons around me wouldn’t understand, but I felt like Cassiopeia and most especially DBSK became my parents, my siblings.

Isn’t it heartwarming that I got five additional fathers who, even though doesn’t know me personally, still continues to inspire and make me a better person without themselves knowing… and thousands, no, a million Cassiopeia as my siblings who’re ready to stand up for me?

I may treat, care, worry and love DBSK as my sons… but in return, I have realized, they’ve been my fathers ever since I met them… teaching me countless lessons as each day passes, as each of them struggles to overcome their own obstacles, as each of them continue to face the future head-on.

Together with my so-called Daddys, I learned.

DBSK made me appreciative and thankful even for the small things, trust me. They made me think out of the box, and they are the ones who taught me how to freely express myself in words, though most of the time, words aren’t enough to say how wonderful I feel about being a Cassie.

DBSK made me see the beauty of friendship in a much deeper dimension. I am a solitary nature by person but ever since I became a Cassie, I became very active and even made friends not just on the Internet but personally, as well. I’ve met some Cassies who’re studying in the same university as mine and believe me, we felt like we’re long lost sisters!! :”) They now became my personal friends whom I talk to everyday, even if it’s about our everyday lives and problems.

There are so much more but this one’s my favorite… DBSK has given me motivation to move forward, courage to step up out of the crowd and the strength to face and endure hardships as I step closer to my dream. I’m a Med student and everyday the road keeps on getting rougher. And everytime I would felt like giving up, I ALWAYS remember Jaejoong. He constantly tells himself, “I need to become a singer.” As I imagine him, a tone-deaf person trying to make his way to become a known singer is something so moving. :”) Therefore I always tell myself, “I still need to become a doctor.”

Moreover, aside from all these things, DBSK sees to it that I also learn the hard part. I’m brave enough to say… that I have experienced the ups-and-down of being in this fandom, maybe not as much as those who’ve been a Cassie longer than me. I am never a spoiled child and that’s how DBSK makes a difference compared to other groups towards their own fandom.

DBSK were never “always” at the top, they have their own downfalls too and DBSK makes it sure that in every downfall, they are together with us. When the time comes for them to use all their mighty strength to get up, DBSK makes it sure that Cassiopeia stands up with them. I was taught about the importance of victory and most especially, the feeling of being sunken deep so that I will never make fun of other people who stumbled too.

They showed me… that life is never a bed full of roses, even for someone who is so famous like them.

DBSK is so much more than the pretty faces and beautiful voices. They shared to me every bit of them, even their souls and passion. It amazes me… that whenever they have the chance, they remind me of how much they love me and how grateful they are to have me. That it makes me question myself: “Do I have the guts to leave these boys’ side?”

In just a year… I can say that this is one of the best experiences I’ve had of being a Kpop fan and I sure am… that I will never dare to leave. They’ve taught me so many values, much more than what elementary school had taught me. DBSK has given me friends, has given me inspiration and courage to move forward.

Thank you DBSK… Thank you Yunho. Thank you Jaejoong. Thank you Yoochun. Thank you Junsu. Thank you Changmin and thank you my dear Cassiopeia. I’m grateful to have you guys in my life… :”)

I will continue on with this new life God has blessed upon me. I will cherish and continue to live on, not as a Kpop addict… because I was never one… but as a Cassiopeia who will continue chasing her dream as much as DBSK did. A Cassiopeia who will grow together with her boys… together with DBSK.

At first I thought I was the one protecting the fandom, that I was the one who need to hold on tighter to keep the faith stronger. It turned out that I’m wrong. They are the ones protecting me, they are the ones educating me and they are the ones who’re holding me tighter, making my faith stronger… because even if I have found many reasons to let go, I still find myself lost in their eyes.

I may not post often in this blog anymore. I’m quite busy… but don’t worry, in my heart, I will always be like this, one of the most emoshinki persons you must’ve known, a child who is sincerely loved by TVXQ and her fellow Cassies. :”)




(Okay, the celebration is over, back to my Physics book. LOL)


Anyways, I love you Cassies! You can forget my name and even my blog but ALWAYS REMEMBER that we’re very lucky that we’re blessed with such heavenly guys. ❤

That thought alone… is more than enough for us to be thankful for having TVXQ in our lives. :”)