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Most of my posts here are my own feelings and opinions..

Here are the list of all my posts under their respective categories…


9 Years Of Loving TVXQ…

Please Tell Me… When?

Happy 1 Year To Me!

Let’s Make Our Boys Proud!

Oh My God Sun

I Fell In Love With The Guy I Could Never Have

You Can Never Blame Cassiopeia…

When I Became Older…

[Photo] Dong Bang Shin Ki

Cassiopeia: To Whom The Name Rightfully Belongs

Traveling with Dong Bang Shin Ki

Memories: I’ll Stand By U

[Photos] Dong Bang Shin Ki: Hug of Love Through The Years

PROUD of your LOVE…

Why Did I Fell In Love With DBSK?

Rumor, Death, Pain… and Tears

Life of Being a Cassiopeia

The Yoochun Incident, Who are we to Judge?

Even if 10 Years Pass…

ATTENTION: To all Cassies…

Always Keep The Faith

[December 26] A Melody and Harmony In Love


I’m Yours, TVXQ

I can’t believe…

How does it feel like..?

Need your help Cassies!

To you, what is a Cassiopeia?

[Part 4 of 4] I’ll keep the faith forever…

I Miss Dong Bang Shin Ki


[Part 2] A Letter to my Dearest Cassiopeia

A Letter to my Dearest Cassiopeia

To TV5XQ’s Dearest Anti’s && JYJ/HoMin stans

Cassiopeia Confessions

1     2     3    4


Hello F(x), How Are You?

[Part 1 of 4] You are forever remembered…

Girls’ Generation/SNSD

My Yoongie Forever

[Part 2 of 4] Keep on dominating the world…


[Part 3 of 4] One of the bests…

Birthday Posts

[Late Post] Dearest Maknae’s Birthday

[Late Post] Our Leader-shi’s Special Day

One of God’s Greatest Gift

[December 25] To The Birthday Celebrant

[Late Post] The Mood Makers…

[Late Post] Charisma’s Birthday!

[Late Post] My Personal Soonkyu’s Day…

What’s With The Date Today?


The Place Where You Belong

Six Tips For You

Who is Jesus?

Interview with HIM

About Me

Not posting much lately. Sorry! 😀

New Site!

[Feb. 2, 12] Official Cassiopeia

Breaking News! XD

Pure Randomness…

Me. Myself and I

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