The Place Where You Belong

This is actually not DBSK-related but I wanted to share to you this essay I’ve written last semester. I was actually really bored and I wanted to write so I tuned on some DBSK ballads and here you go! 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wanted to write. Write a story, a fanfiction, a poem… whatever it is… I just wanted to write on a paper yet I don’t know what to write . I don’t know if this makes sense or not but there is that inner urge that makes me want to write.

As confusing as it seems, that’s just how life is. There are things you want to do yet you don’t know how. There are thing you wanted to achieve but you don’t know if you can and there are things you want to experience yet you don’t know if you ever will. Yet we… continue to keep wanting, continue in believing and continue in dreaming.

And that is FAITH…

Someone said, “faith is taking the first step even though you cannot see the whole staircase.”

In life, there are moments that ends even though you don’t want it to and there are ones which you never wished to happen but… still happens. Because in life, we couldn’t get everything we want… just the ones we need and more often, it is more than enough.

It is indeed, a ride… A roller coaster ride… even though you don’t like the loops, they are still bound to come. Just like how problems in life continue to come… They make you strong, they make you learn things and teach you how to continue believing even if the smallest possibility left is gone.

But because of faith, all doors are open leading to infinite chances of possibilities because faith makes the word impossible meaningless.

I have encountered people who wanted to take their own life just to get rid of the problems, because they think life is too hard for them or because they think that they’re born in the wrong family. In life, things like this really happen… but they are NEVER the reason to end yourself.

I believe, everything is perfect the way it is… everything has a purpose, nothing is coincidence. The fact that I’m here writing this is planned by God. 🙂 I know that things like this are given by God because He knows that we can go through this… because He believes in us… And in return, to pass through it… we must believe in Him too. ❤

Why end yourself? Why end your journey? Someone said, if you keep looking at the past, you can’t see the beauty of what lies ahead. Every individual has its own destined place and role on Earth. Each of us has a definite purpose. Why are we here? We may not know for now… but in time we WILL. ❤ Maybe you’re going to be the inventor of the flying car, the next country’s president or even the richest person on Earth! 🙂 Just one thing’s for sure… we’re here to serve and praise God… to let Him use us as instruments to reach out to unfortunate people, to become the biggest blessing each of us can possibly be.

If you can’t find happiness because you don’t know what you want to do, because you don’t know if you can achieve what you want to achieve, because you don’t know if you will experience what you want to experience, just close your eyes… Hear the soft brushing of the leaves, the birds’ chirping and the sweet humming of the wind. Feel the warmth of the sun against your skin and smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Feel the peace and serenity, the calmness of everything. And deep within you… happiness will unveil. Because you know that everything you felt, heard and smelled are made just for you.

Made by God, JUST FOR YOU.

Because you may not know… but you are God’s masterpiece, His most favorite creation. 🙂

All the things that you dislike… confusion, frustration, depression and disappointments are nothing compared to His unconditional love for you, for all the gifts that He gave, gives and will give you…

Nothing compared to LIFE. ❤

So don’t end your life, this is exactly the place where you belong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now Paying: Love In The Ice Classical Version :”)


Six Tips For You

Hello there!

Been so long, eh? 😀

And since I’m running out of ideas on what to post on my blog…

I decided to share to you my speech when I was a third year student.

Well, it’s not a really a speech like what Valedictorians and Salutatorians do.. ^^

Here it is…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Good afternoon everyone – to our principal, Mrs. Erlinda Manzanero; our asst. principal Ms. Corazon Ercia, teachers, school mates and friends.  It is a great honor to speak in front of you today,  this very important day that crowns the glory of rewards for a school year’s efforts, challenges and duties as students in our beloved school , SPIST.

Being tasked to give tips and advice on how to become an honor student was somehow not  easy.  Why?  It made me review and analyze what did I do or what do I have to become on top of my class.  That sure was difficult, because I felt that the past events spontaneously happened, just mixed it with hard work, some sleepless nights doing projects and feasibility study, really tough hours during COCC trainings,

But above those hardships, put an always ready smile for everybody, enjoy each moment and pray for the best.

So from there, I can give you six tips which can be helpful to you, not only in your studies but also in your everyday life.

First, love your work. 

Do it not for the rewards to be reaped afterwards, but because you want to give the best you can and present your output chin up and  head up, proudly saying, “This is my work!  I did this!”

Second, Always prepare for whatever task you have to accomplish. 

Get busy and get yourself ready.  Throw away self-doubt because when you believe you can, you really can achieve it.  Don’t be afraid to accept tasks because if you prepare for it, you can do it. 

Third, Listen. 

It was found by researchers that blind people has higher IQ than deaf people. Why? Because blind people are blessed to be able to hear important details and information through listening, hence they learn more.  God gave us two ears and one mouth to use in that proportion.  Talk less, listen more. 

Fourth, Take action. 

Do not be afraid to stumble or make mistakes.  Learn what you can and move on.  Create the circumstance you want, do not be a passive on-looker.  At the end of your days, you will be judged by your gallop, not by your stumble.

Fifth, Show respect,

not only for the elderly, not only for our teachers and administrators, but also for our classmates and friends as well.  Always honor your parents.  For inevitably, whether we like it or not, we will become parents and elderly in the future. 

Last but not the least, always pray and thank our Creator. 

Everything we have and we are today came from our Lord.  And we should always do things that honor Him. 

My dear fellow students, I believe that intelligence is just secondary, because our  attitude and values counts more.  Be a good student, be a good daughter or son, the best that you can be.

Make good choices, then the best consequences will follow.

Good day to all of you and thank you for listening…

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, how was it? 😀

I’m sorry if there are grammar mistakes too.. ^^


[December 25] To the Birthday Celebrant

Let us all remember what makes today the most special day on the calendar…

My message to the birthday celebrant


Today is the day You were born.

Today is the day the Heaven sent someone so precious like You.

I’m so grateful for having You in my heart, in my soul and in my life.

I’m really thankful for everything, for all the sacrifices, for enduring all the hardships and pain you’ve gone through, for being the most selfless person Earth ever had, for dying on the cross for me and for fulfilling God’s greatest promise to mankind, Salvation. ❤

Some says the best thing that happened was when You died on the cross, others say when You raise from the dead, many says the moment you ascended to Heaven but to me… the best part was when You were born, the greatest gift of all…

Today, I wanted to say sorry to You and to our Dear Lord God.

Sorry for valuing things more than the persons I have in my life. I have forgotten that I am Your apple of the eye and You have never valued anything else more than me.

Sorry for not being contented with what I have. I have forgotten that You always gives me only what’s best for me.

Sorry for being childish and immature at times and being envious of others. I have forgotten that I am already perfect in Your eyes.

Sorry for all the lies I’ve said. I have forgotten that lying to other persons is like lying to myself, too.

Sorry for holding grudges and not easily forgiving someone. I have forgotten that even before I make my mistake, You have forgiven me already.

Sorry, because most of the times, I talk back to my parents. I have forgotten that talking back to them is like talking back to You, too.

Sorry for all the times that I talk badly behind other people’s back. I have forgotten that they are my brothers and sisters.

Sorry for the times that I laugh or make fun of someone else’s flaws and weaknesses. I have forgotten that I, as a human, have my own weak points too.

Sorry for all the times that I blame You because of the hardships I am going through. I have forgotten that everything I am going through right now has it’s own purposes that will serve as building block for tomorrow’s blessing.

And I’m really sorry… because most of the time, I forgot that I am in Your presence. I have forgotten the fact that You never forget about me, not even a single second. ❤

Thank you for all the blessing I have received, currently receiving and will receive in the future.

Thank you for the loving family you have given me and to all my dearest friends whom I have shared countless memories with.

Thank you for introducing to me to TVXQ. I’m really thankful for that.

Thank you for being always there, like a wall to lean on and a shoulder to cry on.

Thank you for guiding me every single step of the way.

Thank you for accompanying me through the worst times, constantly reminding me that I am not alone and that I’m always loved.

Thank you so much for the gift of life, for the salvation and for the eternal and unconditional love You have for me.

I owe You more than I can repay in this lifetime.

You are the only one who knows everything about me. Perhaps, even more than I know myself.

You knew every single thought I have, every secrets I am keeping, every lies I’ve made, the reason for my every smile and the reason for each of my tears. You knew me best, to the number of strands of my hair, to my habits, my handwriting, my principles in life, my doubts, my confusions and all the little things that could make me happy. 🙂

You are the best there ever is.

I know it’s an understatement to say so because no words can perfectly describe You, even the word perfect isn’t enough.

It is indeed, a privilege and honor to have You in my life.

I may not be the best daughter out of all but I know, in Your eyes, that I am the best in my own way.

I’ll do my duty as Your responsible steward and make You the sun where my life revolves around.

I will give it my best shot to reform my ways and make You, Jesus and our Father the center of my life. The reason of my everything, the reason why I smile, the reason why I laugh,  the reason why I study, the reason why I work, the reason why I care, the reason why I love, the reason why I’m breathing.

Yes, the reason why I’m living.

You are the best gift I have received and there’s nothing more I could hope for.

Today, I wish all the bests for You.

I wish that all people may remember to whom this day was really for, that they will never forget the spirit of Christmas, that they will continue to love and share their blessings even on normal days and that they will never forget the best gift mankind has received.

You are truly the best King.

I may be distant most of the times but…


Sending You lots of love on Your birthday..

Happy Birthday to the most awesome and most powerful one…


Who is Jesus?

This is shared by our ReEd professor.. and I LOVE it.. So I thought, I need to post this in my blog.

Here it is.. 😀


To the artist, He is the one altogether lovely

To the architect, He is the chief cornerstone

To the astronomer, He is the sun of righteousness

To the baker, He is the bread of life

To the banker, He is the hidden treasure 

To the builder, He is the sure foundation

To the carpenter, He is the door

To the doctor, He is the great physician

To the educator, He is the great teacher 

To the engineer, He is the new and living way 

To the farmer, He is the sower and Lord of harvest

To the florist, He is the rose of Sharon

To the geologist, He is the rock of ages

To the horticulturist, He is the true vine 

To the judge, He is the only righteous judge of man 

To the juror, He is the faithful and true witness 

To the jeweler, He is the pearl of great price

To the lawyer, He is counselor, lawgiver, and true advocate 

To the newspaper man, He is tidings of great joy 

To the oculist, He is the light of the eyes 

To the philanthropist, He is the unspeakable gift 

To the philosopher, He is the wisdom of God

To the preacher, He is the Word of God

To the sculptor, He is the living stone

To the servant, He is the good master

To the student, He is the incarnate truth

To the theologian, He is the author and finisher of our faith 

To the toiler, He is the giver of rest

To the sinner, He is the Lamb of God who takes the sin away

To the Christian, He is the Son of the Living God, the Saviour, the Redeemer, and the Loving Lord.

To me, He is EVERYTHING. ❤

Interview with HIM

Since today is a Sunday.. let me share this with you just like how our professor did.. I love this and I hope you’ll do so, too.


With my newly acquired title as a journalist, I decided to strike a high note.

“Come in,” God said to me, “so, you would like to interview Me?”

“If you have time,” I said.

He smiled through His beard and said: “My time is called eternity and is enough to do everything; what questions do you have in mind to ask Me?”

“None that are new to You. What’s one thing that surprises You most about mankind?”

He answered: “That they get bored of being children, are in rush to grow up, and then long to be children again.

That they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health.

That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live neither for the present nor for the future.

That they live as if they will never die, and they die as if they never lived…”

His hands took mine and we were silent. After a long period, I said. “May I ask You another question?”

He replied with a smile.

“As a Father, what would you ask Your children to do for the new year?”

“To learn thet they cannot make anyone love them. What they can do is to let themselves be loved.

To learn that it takes years to build trust, and a few seconds to destroy it.

To learn that what is most valuable is not what they have in their lives, but who they have in their lives.

To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others. There will be others better or worse than they are.

To learn that a rich person is not the one who has the most, but is one who needs the least.

To learn that they should control their attitudes, otherwise their attitudes will control them.

To learn that only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in persons we love, and that it takes many years to heal them.

To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.

To learn that there are persons that love them dearly, but simply do not know how to show their feelings.

To learn that money can buy everything but happiness.

To learn that great dreams do not require great wings, but a landing gear to achieve.

To learn that true friends are scarce, he/she who has found one has found a treasure.

To learn that it is not always enough that they be forgiven by others, but that they forgive themselves.

To learn that they are masters of what they keep to themselves and slaves of what they say.

To learn that they shall reap what they plant; if they plant gossip they will harvest intrigues, if they plant love they will harvest happiness.

To learn that true happiness is not to achieve their goals but to learn to be satisfied with what they already achieved.

To learn that happiness is a decision. They decide to be happy with what they are and have, or die from envy and jealousy of what they lack.

To learn that two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different.

To learn that those who are honest with themselves without considering the consequences go far in life.

To learn that even though they may think they have nothing to give, when a friend cries with them, they find the strength to appease the pain.

To learn that by trying to hold on to love ones, they very quickly push them away; and by letting go of those they love, they will be side by side forever.

To learn that even though “love” has many different meanings, it loses value when it is overstated.

To learn that they can never do something extraordinary for Me to love them; I simply do.

To learn that the shortest distance they could be from Me is the distance of a prayer.