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The Place Where You Belong

This is actually not DBSK-related but I wanted to share to you this essay I’ve written last semester. I was actually really bored and I wanted to write so I tuned on some DBSK ballads and here you go! 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wanted to write. Write a story, a fanfiction, a poem… whatever it is… I just wanted to write on a paper yet I don’t know what to write . I don’t know if this makes sense or not but there is that inner urge that makes me want to write.

As confusing as it seems, that’s just how life is. There are things you want to do yet you don’t know how. There are thing you wanted to achieve but you don’t know if you can and there are things you want to experience yet you don’t know if you ever will. Yet we… continue to keep wanting, continue in believing and continue in dreaming.

And that is FAITH…

Someone said, “faith is taking the first step even though you cannot see the whole staircase.”

In life, there are moments that ends even though you don’t want it to and there are ones which you never wished to happen but… still happens. Because in life, we couldn’t get everything we want… just the ones we need and more often, it is more than enough.

It is indeed, a ride… A roller coaster ride… even though you don’t like the loops, they are still bound to come. Just like how problems in life continue to come… They make you strong, they make you learn things and teach you how to continue believing even if the smallest possibility left is gone.

But because of faith, all doors are open leading to infinite chances of possibilities because faith makes the word impossible meaningless.

I have encountered people who wanted to take their own life just to get rid of the problems, because they think life is too hard for them or because they think that they’re born in the wrong family. In life, things like this really happen… but they are NEVER the reason to end yourself.

I believe, everything is perfect the way it is… everything has a purpose, nothing is coincidence. The fact that I’m here writing this is planned by God. 🙂 I know that things like this are given by God because He knows that we can go through this… because He believes in us… And in return, to pass through it… we must believe in Him too. ❤

Why end yourself? Why end your journey? Someone said, if you keep looking at the past, you can’t see the beauty of what lies ahead. Every individual has its own destined place and role on Earth. Each of us has a definite purpose. Why are we here? We may not know for now… but in time we WILL. ❤ Maybe you’re going to be the inventor of the flying car, the next country’s president or even the richest person on Earth! 🙂 Just one thing’s for sure… we’re here to serve and praise God… to let Him use us as instruments to reach out to unfortunate people, to become the biggest blessing each of us can possibly be.

If you can’t find happiness because you don’t know what you want to do, because you don’t know if you can achieve what you want to achieve, because you don’t know if you will experience what you want to experience, just close your eyes… Hear the soft brushing of the leaves, the birds’ chirping and the sweet humming of the wind. Feel the warmth of the sun against your skin and smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Feel the peace and serenity, the calmness of everything. And deep within you… happiness will unveil. Because you know that everything you felt, heard and smelled are made just for you.

Made by God, JUST FOR YOU.

Because you may not know… but you are God’s masterpiece, His most favorite creation. 🙂

All the things that you dislike… confusion, frustration, depression and disappointments are nothing compared to His unconditional love for you, for all the gifts that He gave, gives and will give you…

Nothing compared to LIFE. ❤

So don’t end your life, this is exactly the place where you belong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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