Oh My God Sun :)

Cassies~! Have you seen Junsu’s recent tweet already??

I bet you already did. 😀

(In fact, I may be the one who’s late. XD)


I don’t know but… after I saw this tweet…

It felt like it’s the sweetest thing on Earth right now. :”)

So sweet that it makes me wanna cry, stop amidst doing all my term papers, screencap it and make a special post just for this…


We love you Junsu! 🙂

One of the best things about you…

You never change. ❤


The Place Where You Belong

This is actually not DBSK-related but I wanted to share to you this essay I’ve written last semester. I was actually really bored and I wanted to write so I tuned on some DBSK ballads and here you go! 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wanted to write. Write a story, a fanfiction, a poem… whatever it is… I just wanted to write on a paper yet I don’t know what to write . I don’t know if this makes sense or not but there is that inner urge that makes me want to write.

As confusing as it seems, that’s just how life is. There are things you want to do yet you don’t know how. There are thing you wanted to achieve but you don’t know if you can and there are things you want to experience yet you don’t know if you ever will. Yet we… continue to keep wanting, continue in believing and continue in dreaming.

And that is FAITH…

Someone said, “faith is taking the first step even though you cannot see the whole staircase.”

In life, there are moments that ends even though you don’t want it to and there are ones which you never wished to happen but… still happens. Because in life, we couldn’t get everything we want… just the ones we need and more often, it is more than enough.

It is indeed, a ride… A roller coaster ride… even though you don’t like the loops, they are still bound to come. Just like how problems in life continue to come… They make you strong, they make you learn things and teach you how to continue believing even if the smallest possibility left is gone.

But because of faith, all doors are open leading to infinite chances of possibilities because faith makes the word impossible meaningless.

I have encountered people who wanted to take their own life just to get rid of the problems, because they think life is too hard for them or because they think that they’re born in the wrong family. In life, things like this really happen… but they are NEVER the reason to end yourself.

I believe, everything is perfect the way it is… everything has a purpose, nothing is coincidence. The fact that I’m here writing this is planned by God. 🙂 I know that things like this are given by God because He knows that we can go through this… because He believes in us… And in return, to pass through it… we must believe in Him too. ❤

Why end yourself? Why end your journey? Someone said, if you keep looking at the past, you can’t see the beauty of what lies ahead. Every individual has its own destined place and role on Earth. Each of us has a definite purpose. Why are we here? We may not know for now… but in time we WILL. ❤ Maybe you’re going to be the inventor of the flying car, the next country’s president or even the richest person on Earth! 🙂 Just one thing’s for sure… we’re here to serve and praise God… to let Him use us as instruments to reach out to unfortunate people, to become the biggest blessing each of us can possibly be.

If you can’t find happiness because you don’t know what you want to do, because you don’t know if you can achieve what you want to achieve, because you don’t know if you will experience what you want to experience, just close your eyes… Hear the soft brushing of the leaves, the birds’ chirping and the sweet humming of the wind. Feel the warmth of the sun against your skin and smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Feel the peace and serenity, the calmness of everything. And deep within you… happiness will unveil. Because you know that everything you felt, heard and smelled are made just for you.

Made by God, JUST FOR YOU.

Because you may not know… but you are God’s masterpiece, His most favorite creation. 🙂

All the things that you dislike… confusion, frustration, depression and disappointments are nothing compared to His unconditional love for you, for all the gifts that He gave, gives and will give you…

Nothing compared to LIFE. ❤

So don’t end your life, this is exactly the place where you belong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Memories: I’ll Stand By U

I fell in love with a sweet memory and I don’t want to go back in the present just yet.

I saw someone in Youtube said this to a troll: “We’ve already lost the group. Let us enjoy what we have left. Don’t make us anymore upset.”

It was like a big slap of reality in the face. It’s embarrassing to say but I teared up after reading that comment. It made me stop a little and say, “Reality sucks.” I am living in the past, having only the five in you in my thoughts, watching the shows the five of you went in, listening to the music the five of you made, and keeping the faith with all the people who knows only the five of you. It made me forget about the reality I am living in. It made me a person living in nothing but mere beautiful memories.

Memories that made me cry… Memories that are so painful… Memories that are so heartbreaking… yet they are the memories I just couldn’t let go… because…

Those memories have inspired me in life; I learned to dream and soar high from it.

Those memories made me see the beauty of friendship; I learned how to value relationships more than my own ego.

Those memories gave me a family; It made me become a more open and socially active person.

Those memories made me smile; It made a more cheerful person than I was before.

Those memories made me laugh; They made me strong even in my weakest point.

Those memories taught me a lot of things; too much that I don’t know how to enumerate them.

Those memories gave me light; It made me see the beauty of life.

Those memories mean so much to me… that it became a permanent part of me already.

Yes, it is in these bittersweet memories where I would always come back. I don’t want to go back to reality just yet. The beautiful memory of the five of you is always holding me back. Even though it can bring tears and heartaches, I would never give it up for something else. And when the time I finally decide to go back to reality, I am hoping that those five persons will stand on stage as one, with smiles on their faces as they say “Thank you for waiting on us, Cassiopeia.” 

I may have forgotten the reality; that there are only two and three. Some may say I’m delusional; that they will not be coming back.

But I can’t let go… because I know that it’s hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it’s even harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want.

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Why Did I Fell In Love With DBSK?

Okay… so our Internet connection was lost yesterday around 10:30PM and I was bored, I got nothing to do…

Since I love DBSK too much, I started thinking about them. 🙂 As always…

Then, I remembered a fellow Cassie asking the very specific reason why you fell in love with DBSK in the first place?

My answer has gone a bit too long… but anyways, here it is! 😀

I started typing away and didn’t realize I’m on my 8th page already… and it’s gonna be 3AM soon. xD

NOTE: I am going to tell you my… err, not entire… but a bit of story about how I met them and other stuffs. I was an f(x) fan, SONE and Shawol back then and as you read on… you’ll notice that I’ll be mentioning them. I may compare but don’t get me wrong… I love all of these groups for they became my stepping stone to meeting DBSK. It’s not that I don’t like them or I hate them but when DBSK enters the story… everything changes. 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One of the hardest questions that was asked to me was: What is the very specific reason that made you fell in love with DBSK?

I am now a Cassiopeia, who is keeping the faith, particularly… but I wonder…

why is it so damn hard to answer that single question?

Is it because I don’t know the answer? Or I have so many reasons, too much to choose only one?

I know… I don’t know how to start this thing, so let’s go back to my first days with TVXQ, how I ignored them through the years, up to my first tear for them, first laugh, first smile, up until now.

Back in 2009, I met f(x) and Girls’ Generation through the help of my friend, who loves K-pop. I am a dancer and I was looking for something to do for my talent portion and she gave me the link for La Chata and Gee. After that, my other friend gave me the link to TVXQ’s Purple Line. It was a dance practice, actually. I watched it and when I came halfway, I closed the video. I thought the dance was way too hard, plus, I don’t like it because of the mere fact that I don’t know who they are. Yeah, I know… I made a wrong move with that. ^_^ v

Then November 2011 came… I am Shawol that time, and I think that SHINee are just way too awesome, like everything’s perfect already. I started going crazy about reading Asianfanfics and came across a writer that I really loved because she writes amazing stories. She is a fan of SMTown artists actually, and she always makes stories with her biases as the lead characters.

I loved her story about how these five idols from different groups made up a new team. They are making their new album with Mirotic as the title track. Then the chapter where they record for the song came, I remember my Girls’ Generation bias Yoona gets Jaejoong’s lines. I don’t know who the heck Jaejoong was back then. -.-” Yeah, I admit it… I am such a kid living under a rock for being ignorant about the hottest guy on K-pop ever. Then on the story, Changmin keeps complaining about how Yoona’s voice sound like this and like that when it should sound sharp like how Jaejoong delivers it.

My curiosity for Mirotic and how Jaejoong delivers the line raised… which made me look up for Mirotic’s lyrics and a Mirotic video. The first result from my youtube seach was a dance video. I clicked on it, planning to see the dance as well, as I am a dancer, too. I can clearly remember, how I repeated the video like, ten times or so. I couldn’t say that I fell in love with TVXQ because of looks. Clearly not… as I remember myself talking about how Junsu, Yoochun and Yunho looks old and not that handsome compares to other guys while I find Changmin and Jaejoong as the okay type. Don’t bash on me… It’s a dance video, plus, it’s my nature back then to just ignore idol groups that I’m not a fan of. It’s completely normal to me. But the next thing I knew, I was singing along to the song, searching for more of their music and even searching up the members’ names.

I have forgotten about reading fanfictions. I became busy trying to recognize their faces and differentiate each. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because of their looksJaejoong and Changmin became the top two idols on my list with amazing facial features. I loved how Jaejoong looked like he jumped out of an anime series or whatever. I loved Yunho’s charismatic look, the way he would always frown in the camera and how he look so damn sharp in Mirotic. I loved Junsu’s cute look and always find it amazing how hot he looks like in Mirotic, it’s like the way total opposite! I loved Yoochun’s… hair? Haha! He looks completely like the normal and average guy to me… Well, atleast he doesn’t look that ugly to me like I first saw him in the video. Don’t get me wrong I love Yoochun, too! In fact, all five of them holds a special place in my heart. ❤

I watched Purple Line’s dance video again that time and asked myself, “Why did I ignore them all this time?” That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because of their talent for dancingI love how everyone is in sync, doing those extra-hard choreographies. Other groups use patterns in their choreographies that only need synchronization for their dances, like, they just need to rely on one another to complete the dance but in DBSK another thing is needed, and that’s skill. I am such a complete babo how I appreciated the dance like, two years later. Is DBSK that hot that I need two friggin’ years to absorb them? O.o

That night, I can still remember, the first time I listened to a DBSK ballad. I came with their video in A-Nation singing the song Why Did I Fall in Love with You? It was one of the turning points in my life; I was completely dazed by these guys. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because of the fact that they sing from their hearts. It has always amazed me how they seem to be the one who fell in love with their friend who’s going to marry another guy. Like, really. I have seen f(x), Girls’ Generation, SHINee and even other groups sing ballads, but it is only in DBSK where I have seen such passion for it, for living out the emotions within the song, for bringing out their hearts while singing. Trust me, only in them.

The second ballad I listened to was Love in the Ice. It actually sounded familiar to me that time, as it was used for one of Girls’ Generation tribute video by a fan. I’m a SONE that time, remember? 🙂 That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because of their singing abilities. One of the things I am most proud about right now is the fact that DBSK CAN sing. Like, each of them, all five of them, can hit high notes, can sing passionately, perfect. I’ve been exposed to other groups before DBSK that’s why my amazement for DBSK is way too high. I’ve been used to groups who got one or two main and lead singers, the other members for visual and dancers, that’s why when I met SHINee, I thought they’re perfect, for having three to four members who can actually hit high notes. But in DBSK, all five can… being a visual, or a main dancer is an add-on. Just a side note, I listened to their song Tonight, too. And I was completely blown by Junsu’s first high note followed by Changmin’s up to Jaejoong’s to die for falsetto. I couldn’t blink my eyes for an hour there, haha! Just kidding… but they completely amazed me, as always.

After repeating Love in the Ice over and over again, err… yes I did that, I even messaged it to my friend, I saw a cappella video of them. I clicked it and listened to it. That moment was damn WOW. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because they can harmonize as one. It’s the first time for me to listen to an idol group sing an actual a cappella, where they use their voices as background music or instruments… that magical moment when five individual voices becomes one. It always amazes me that up until now, DBSK never needed back-up singers, because they back-up one another by themselves.

And because I want something groovy to lighten up the atmosphere, I searched for Mirotic live. At that time, I haven’t seen DBSK perform a dance song yet, just ballads. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because they can sing perfectly while dancing energetically. I’m okay with hearing breathing sounds while watching a live version of a song because I was used to f(x) and Girls’ Generation’s performances. They always have those heavy breathing sounds while singing and I’m okay with it, saying it’s a proof that they’re singing live. But in DBSK? Heck no, it’s so freakin’ rare that you would actually hear them pant heavily on microphones. You can see their shoulders going up and down rapidly from panting but you can never hear it. That’s what you call AMAZING. It’s so funny how in DBSK, even without those breathing sounds, I can easily say if they’re lip-synching or not. A lot of people say that their live version is better than those recorded, and I have to say I completely agree. Two thumbs up! Do you want my feet up, too? 😀

Yes, that night, that day, I became hyped… finding and discovering the perfect group out there. Okay, I promise they’ll be the last, I’ve called f(x) perfect too, then I discovered Girls’ Generation, then SHINee. Guilty, I proclaimed them as perfect, too. But now I am certain! DBSK is the one. 🙂

After getting myself dizzy from all the hotness and everything, I came to know more about the break-up. That’s my breaking point that time. I didn’t know how and why, but I found myself crying, watching a tribute video for them. That’s the time, I REALIZE THAT I AM, INDEED, IS A CASSIOPEIA ALREADY. I have always reminded myself not to fall too much because I know myself; I am a sensitive person who has shallow tears. I know that being completely hooked up in DBSK won’t do any better for me and that it will just drop me in a dark abyss to which I can never escape. I cried myself out… thinking why, does it have to be them? Fearing the fact that they will be just memories forever.

That time I realized, DBSK was just there all along, I just ignored them. There are many instances that I have come across DBSK, HoMin and JYJ at different occasions yet I have been ignoring them all these time. It flooded back to me, memories of how I’ve seen them, where I’ve seen them, and how I reacted was perfectly detailed in my memory, clear and lucid like a transparent glass. I remember when I was a SONE, the time where I tried looking for Purple Line’s dance video again, but ended up watching the Wrong Number MV. I remember how I laughed at Micky’s I really wanna touch myself line. Another instance, I saw JYJ on TV, their Ayy Girl MV actually. I saw the lyrics and they are in English, but I have always wondered that time, why is it that they don’t look like Americans? They look like Koreans to me… O.o I’m telling you, that’s my exact thought. And as the usual, I turned off the TV, not even completing the whole song. I remembered when I became interested in searching up MR Removed live performances. You can look up on my messages in FB, I have messaged my friends a lot of MR Removed videos, and I remembered how I sent them a Mirotic video, with the captions They’re the best. I’m such a babo and couldn’t stop myself from thinking… Why did I said They’re the best yet I didn’t became a Cassie? I remembered how I see them as… like a bunch of old perfectly talented idols from the past. Like, don’t bash on me, but that’s how I actually saw them as… until I learnt that Super Junior is older than DBSK. LOL, just kidding! I found it out when I became a Cassie but back when I was a SONE, I look up on them just exactly the way how I see Shinhwa right now. My respect for them is sooo high, you can’t even imagine…  Another funny situation, because I was a SONE back then, I always tune in to Music Bank to watch them. That time I came running late for the usual time slot, a bit of confident as I know how Girls’ Generation gets to perform the last… but surprisingly, when I turned on the TV, there are two guys in checkered white and black singing. That’s HoMin. They sang Keep Your Head Down and Rising Sun, I think? It’s Music Bank in Tokyo, right? Am I right? Oh God, I’m losing my memory… but I’m sure you guys can remember that performance. My brother and my cousin were there with me, tolerating my Kpop madness. My brother bet on me, saying those two guys right there, I bet that they farted in that performance… not just in that performance, since they debuted, I bet you, I’m right… and I was just laughing at him! He keeps on insisting that HoMin farts on performances. It is only now that I have realized… that there are three more people farting with them during performances since debut. Its magic how these came back to me very detailed, I can even remember our conversation. PS. I was disappointed that time, learning that the TVXQ duo is the last performers.

It doesn’t stop right there. Though I cried my eyes out already, I continued to search for their personal backgrounds, especially Jaejoong. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because each of them had their fair share of hardships in life before getting the glory they truly deserve. I am stricken how each of their stories is inspiring. I remember crying reading about Jaejoong’s story and struggles in life and watching Yoochun cry while he tells his experience in America, the place he doesn’t want to go back to. That time, I knew then and there, that DBSK has inspired me, they taught me to never give up on my dream no matter how hard and tough the roads ahead are. How I look at DBSK changed… they’re not just idols who sings and performs for their fans, but are artists who are determined to become what they are, who takes singing not as a job, but as passion and who, inspires people not just by their songs, but their own personal stories and lives as well. It is only in DBSK… where members are willing to sing, even if there is one Cassiopeia left.

After searching endless topics about DBSK, I came across reading fanaccounts and significant events about them. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because they are strong enough to endure all hardships and pain, and how they consider fans’ feelings first before their own. I salute DBSK. Yunho’s food poisoning, the accident, Jaejoong’s injury, how they are being overworked, everything… yet after all these things, it’s amazing how they consider fans first. I remember Jaejoong saying that he would rather have no fans at all than to see them wait for him in the rain, how he promised not to cry in front of Cassiopeia. It is in DBSK where I have heard such heartfelt words, it pierced through my heart how they are able to think of those things when they themselves, are in pain. Okay, I have to start holding back tears now. Oh, dammit, why does my Ipod have to shuffle at Insa right now? Not helping at all…

It’s like a day after I became a Cassie when I started reading their Wikipedia page. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because they put even their heart at work, they compose their own songs. It amazes me how this group has members who contributes to their own music. And another amazing thing is, whatever their compositions are, it automatically gets in my favorites. Even Jaejoong’s 9095 is a favorite song. LOL, it may sound weird to most people, but I’m completely in love with it. I love Junsu’s lyrics to the song Picture of You and Changmin’s Love in the Ice. I loved Jaejoong’s Wasurenaide, too. In fact, it’s my song of the day. 🙂 Another thing amazing is all of them are talented in musical instruments. Do I still have to enumerate? LOL, it’s taking up time, it’s been over an hour since I started typing this and I’m not even planning to put an end in this thing.

After finding about their compositions, I have learned about their banjun dramas and individual films and TV series as well, may it be a cameo or being the main character. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because they’re not just mere singers, dancers and composers, they’re actors. Yes, this is the truth. They are excellent actors. I have seen their banjun dramas, though most seems funny to me, I am amazed how they act really great. I have seen Dating on Earth too, Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince and a bit of Jaejoong’s Heaven’s Postman. I am planning to watch Yunho’s Heading to the Ground, Changmin’s Paradise Ranch, Jaejoong’s Protect the Boss, Yoochun’s SKK scandal, Junsu’s musicals and other Japanese films they’ve done. One thing’s holding me back actually, and that’s because they got leading ladies! Argh… I can put up with Jaejoong having one-sided love, but never gonna tolerate it when they got kiss scenes! Aish, I’m into a berserk mode, actually… Still, I’m in love with them because of that.

Days passed, I became more and more addicted to DBSK. And that’s how All About DBSK came to my attention. I first watched, AADBSK III. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because of the powerful bond they have for one another. I remember Junsu saying they started as members, but now it’s not like that, they’re now brothers, family. Every pairing there is in this group is to ship for. I have seen so many videos of DBSK and I find it amusing how they are all comfortable with each other, hugging and crying with each other, bullying Junsu, teasing their crybaby Yoochun, how their evil maknae bullies everyone especially Jaejoong and how they would hit Yunho’s arm with their fingers with all their might. It’s so cute to see how in concerts, they would run and fool around, do funny dances together, imitating chunface, and even imitating each other’s laugh… Junsu’s, particularly.

Later that November, I learnt about JYJ having twitter accounts and how they are socially active in the internet. Even I am not, really not, a fan of twitter, I even promised myself not to make a twitter account since I don’t really understand it… I still made one just to follow JYJ. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because they can make me do things out of my shell. I remember trying to learn their oh-so-hard dance choreographies. I remember telling my mom that I really, really wanna go to Korea after I graduate just to see these guys. I remember making a blog just for them… the cassieforever. I swear, I really didn’t picture myself as a person who blogs things. But, it just came… and DBSK was the first one to come to my mind. I have even downloaded Sony Vegas Pro just because I wanted to do a video for them. Most of the time, I would lock myself in the room, just to do some freewriting, and it’s funny how it always ends up as an essay about DBSK. And right now, I requested my dad to buy an external drive for me because I am collecting DBSK videos. Just… really… From the day that I have seen and fell in love with Mirotic, I have never pictured myself doing these kinds of things. And I know that there’s actually more to come.

So, it’s been over two hours since I started this. There’s no internet connection actually, and I’m bored. 🙂 This is what happens. My sketchpad is almost full actually, full of essays, 90% DBSKified.

So, where I am now? Oh… it’s been how many months since I became a Cassie? It’s amazing how these Cassiopeias from all over the world share and send their love for me even when we’re oceans and countries apart. I feel so loved, I feel so blessed. Ever since I became a Cassie, I became matured. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because like a guidance counselor, they taught me the right thing and like a parent, they led me to the right way. When I was an f(x) fan, I would go on and fight verbally in youtube, with anti’s who compare them to other groups saying this or that group is better. When I was a SONE, I’m still the same, having Yoona as my bias isn’t easy; she got like, the most number of international anti-fans. It is in that stage where I became an aggressive person, who gets annoyed easily at hate comments and the type of person who would fight back. But the moment I became a Cassie, even if they say this or that group is better, I learned that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, to just keep silent when there are trolls in the video, to be the big person to apologize and say sorry, to make fun of trolls, thanking them for the views and added comments and to team up with other fandoms, supporting them raise the views of their own video too. It’s funny how I see myself acting as an adult, who rationalizes everything, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and not easily judging a person by a single mistake. It’s true… It’s all in DBSK how I learned these things. Cassiopeia taught me… DBSK taught us. ❤

After some time, I accidentally came across a video of theirs where they describe Cassiopeia. It totally made a mark in my heart as it’s the first time I have seen an idol group that made something like this. In Jaejoong’s words, Cassiopeia is like his eyelashes, because even if he plucks 4 eyelashes a day, it keeps on growing very rapidly. It never thins out. In Yoochun’s words, Cassiopeia is like his gaze, because the more you look at it, the more you are drawn into it. In Junsu’s words, Cassiopeia is a family. In Changmin’s words, Cassiopeia is DBSK, because Cassiopeia and DBSK are one. In Yunho’s words, Cassiopeia is Mah-Bah-Gi, because there are no other words necessary. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because they love Cassiopeia, treating them as the group’s oxygen, enabling them to breathe. Amazing… I actually memorized their lines. Haha! Typical me…

Right now, we’re still in a daze… still waiting for DBSK to come back together again. But still, as a Cassiopeia, I never gave up on them, I support them whether two or three… or even one. I became exposed to JYJ’s song and so as TVXQ duo’s songs and interviews. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because even if they are separated, they still keep the faith on each other. With the release of TVXQ duo’s Still… I was reminded of my faith. BIG TIME. JYJ has always been the open one about how they miss their members and how they wanted to see them again and all… and with the release of TXVQ duo’s new song… it feels like all unexpressed feeling, and all words left unsaid are delivered in that song. I love it how even if they were not open and not that expressive about the issue as much as JYJ was, their eyes speak the truth.

Due to my curiosity, I’ve explored many sites just to get the truth about DBSK’s lawsuit and all issues connected to it. I even came to a time where I’m a step away to losing my faith, good thing there are Cassies who strengthened it for me, who held it for me, when I myself, couldn’t find the strength to have a grip on it. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK because no matter how many negative things are thrown at them, how many mistakes they’ve done, how much they’ve hurt and made me cry, I just couldn’t let them go. It is magic… It is magic, what held us together is pure magic that even if they say JYJ betrayed Homin or the other way around, I just couldn’t let go of them. The sasaeng issues and Jaejoong’s countless swearing… I just couldn’t get him out of my heart. He’s still my bias. DBSK making me cry every single day… it isn’t new to me and sometimes I get really tired from it… but it’s frustrating how I still can’t get them out of my head. I hate it because I love DBSK way too much that even if I have found a thousand reasons to let them go, I couldn’t find myself actually doing so.

As another day passes, DBSK never fails to give me another reason to love them. Every single day, the word PERFECT is always unveiled in my eyes whenever I see them, the five of them. That’s the time I fell in love with DBSK not only because they mark history in music industry but because they set records too… in my heart, like never before. They are always the first band to make me do this, does that, be like this, be like that… It’s always them. They became my standard markers and its unbelievable how they set the bar real high that I am always afraid I’d live forever alone. The trending hashtag in my lifetime. #foreveralone. My list of reasons why I fell in love with DBSK could go on forever… but it will always come down to one…

I fell in love with DBSK because… they are… DBSK. ❤ because they are DBSK, they are good in singing, because they are DBSK, they are good in dancing, because they are DBSK, they are inspiring, because they are DBSK, they can harmonize as one… because they are DBSK… DBSK… DBSK… I will never be a Cassiopeia… if it weren’t for DBSK…

It’s funny how I made it up to seven pages, yet my question still didn’t got an answer. What is the very specific reason that made you fell in love with DBSK?

In the first place, all my reasons stated above are the reasons I have found after I fell in love with DBSK. Now I know… the reason why I couldn’t find a reason to let them go… is… because I fell in love with DBSK for no reason to begin with… I have realized, that even after twenty years, my whole lifetime, that I would still be looking forward for that comeback stage even if the word impossible itself is right before my eyes, even if I get old, I would like to see them personally and say, I’ve been waiting for the five of you all this time… DBSK, TVXQ, Tohoshinki… whatever name they call you. I could never go on a day without you. I miss you and I’m looking forward to that precious day where all five of you would reunite.

DBSK is a part of my life now. It’s amazing how I am certain, that even if I became a grandmother, I would still proclaim Love in the Ice as my favorite song. I’ll probably still be crying when listening to Proud. I would still watch Mirotic every day. I would still say Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin are my stars in the night sky. Even in my last breath, I would still say Always Keep the Faith.

I hate you DBSK… because I love you so much to even think about something else other than my faith and my love for you. I believe in the day that we can personally meet, and you know the first thing I would do? I would like to punch you guys and scold you for making me cry everyday… and then give you a warm hug after. ❤

Always Keep the Faith Cassiopeia, because when you live out the word faith, the word impossible becomes meaningless. 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, how was it?

I am really planning to add more… but I think it’s just way too long already~! xD

Haha! 😀


[Feb. 2, 12] Official Cassiopeia

February 2, 2012

10:35 AM




Hooray!!! 😀

Now, what to do?

What to do?





Because I’m now an official family member of this…





Let’s Always Keep The Faith! ❤





Woot! Woot!! Woot!!!

Time for party!!! 😀


“Best Christmas gift I received?

It is you, Cassiopeia.”


“Just like how real friends do it… You made me feel that I’M NOT ALONE…

And just like how family says it… YOU HAVE US HERE :’>”


“Cassiopeia is the fandom that I would never ever leave…

Just like how TVXQ is the group that I would never, ever stop loving…”


“Cassiopeia is the biggest fandom…

Oh scratch that, FAMILY, I mean…”


“If TVXQ is where Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho belong…

It is in Cassiopeia where I belong, too…”


Kim Jaejoong Saranghae!

Jung Yunho Saranghae!

Park Yoochun Saranghae!

Kim Junsu Saranghae!

Shim Changmin Saranghae!

Cassiopeia Saranghae!

Dong Bang Shin Ki Fighting!

Cassiopeia Fighting! ^^



Wanna be an official family member too?

Follow these instructions on the link:

Six Tips For You

Hello there!

Been so long, eh? 😀

And since I’m running out of ideas on what to post on my blog…

I decided to share to you my speech when I was a third year student.

Well, it’s not a really a speech like what Valedictorians and Salutatorians do.. ^^

Here it is…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Good afternoon everyone – to our principal, Mrs. Erlinda Manzanero; our asst. principal Ms. Corazon Ercia, teachers, school mates and friends.  It is a great honor to speak in front of you today,  this very important day that crowns the glory of rewards for a school year’s efforts, challenges and duties as students in our beloved school , SPIST.

Being tasked to give tips and advice on how to become an honor student was somehow not  easy.  Why?  It made me review and analyze what did I do or what do I have to become on top of my class.  That sure was difficult, because I felt that the past events spontaneously happened, just mixed it with hard work, some sleepless nights doing projects and feasibility study, really tough hours during COCC trainings,

But above those hardships, put an always ready smile for everybody, enjoy each moment and pray for the best.

So from there, I can give you six tips which can be helpful to you, not only in your studies but also in your everyday life.

First, love your work. 

Do it not for the rewards to be reaped afterwards, but because you want to give the best you can and present your output chin up and  head up, proudly saying, “This is my work!  I did this!”

Second, Always prepare for whatever task you have to accomplish. 

Get busy and get yourself ready.  Throw away self-doubt because when you believe you can, you really can achieve it.  Don’t be afraid to accept tasks because if you prepare for it, you can do it. 

Third, Listen. 

It was found by researchers that blind people has higher IQ than deaf people. Why? Because blind people are blessed to be able to hear important details and information through listening, hence they learn more.  God gave us two ears and one mouth to use in that proportion.  Talk less, listen more. 

Fourth, Take action. 

Do not be afraid to stumble or make mistakes.  Learn what you can and move on.  Create the circumstance you want, do not be a passive on-looker.  At the end of your days, you will be judged by your gallop, not by your stumble.

Fifth, Show respect,

not only for the elderly, not only for our teachers and administrators, but also for our classmates and friends as well.  Always honor your parents.  For inevitably, whether we like it or not, we will become parents and elderly in the future. 

Last but not the least, always pray and thank our Creator. 

Everything we have and we are today came from our Lord.  And we should always do things that honor Him. 

My dear fellow students, I believe that intelligence is just secondary, because our  attitude and values counts more.  Be a good student, be a good daughter or son, the best that you can be.

Make good choices, then the best consequences will follow.

Good day to all of you and thank you for listening…

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, how was it? 😀

I’m sorry if there are grammar mistakes too.. ^^


A Letter to my Dearest Cassiopeia…

Hello everyone! 😀

This letter is for my Cassiopeia family especially to the members of the group World Bigeast Cassiopeia.

Note: I have written this letter last year and decided to publish it just today. ^^

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Five stars shone at the hour of our meeting…”

We’ve known each other by chance… by having the same interests, same hopes and same wishes… Some may even say, coincidence.

Best Christmas gift I received?

It is you, Cassiopeia.

The family I never thought I would have.

Sure there is no blood relation or even personal attachment but there is that emotional connection within all of us.

Truthfully, I never regret being one… I never regret joining WBC… Never, ever.

In fact, I’m really proud to be one, to be a member of this group. ❤

I’m really thankful to you, Cassies… especially to my 2, 431 siblings in the group.

I am a SONE, Shawol and an F(x) fan before, but it is only in you… that made me experience this kind of things.

You guys made me realize that there’s more to the meaning of Cassiopeia.

It’s not just a constellation, not just a fanclub name and not just all about supporting and loving our five TVXQ boys.

There’s a lot more…

The love we have for each other, the trust, the faith and the bond, we, Cassies shared in the long run.

It is unveiled to me the moment I joined this fandom…

FAMILY, rather.

And I’m loving every single second of it. 😀

We became friends because we all have something in common, we all are Cassiopeia…

We all love TVXQ. We love Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin. No more, no less…

It started like that… but now, we are more than friends.

I can proudly call you my family not just because of the common things but because I love all of you, my TREASURE.

We all haven’t met personally but I feel really loved.

Everyday, I am really eager to open my facebook account. Know why?

It’s because I know that there will always be that one notification from you guys.

Promise! It never fails… Sometimes, all of them are from you! ^^

In this big cruel world, I am so lucky to have found you, Cassies.

I’ve always been on the verge of letting go of the faith but when the moment I met you, I felt really optimistic.

We may be countries and oceans apart but as long as we’re living under the same sky,

breathing the same air,

longing for the same things,

wishing for the same wish,

hoping for the same hope,

keeping the same faith,

and loving the same five guys…

I know.. I am never alone. ❤

You will always be there to give me encouraging words to strengthen my faith on our boys.

You will always be there to remind me to ignore those Anti’s and so-called Cassies but bashes the other two or other three.

You will always be there… who’ll laugh with me on the same funny TVXQ picture,

who’ll smile together with me while watching our boy’s performances,

who’ll go crazy with me on some YunJae picture, facts and even rumors,

who’ll spazz  together with me seeing the YooSu couple together,

who’ll get along with me shipping the MinFood couple,

who’ll cry with me remembering the good, old times,

who’ll have the same synchronized thoughts as mine,

who’ll share my laughs, my smiles and even the pain…

I know that there will always be you whom I can turn to.

You, Cassies, are the rare ones who understands me BEST. ❤

Just like how real friends do it…

You never fail to make me laugh, smile and feel loved.

You’ve given me enlightenment, ease in my pain, encouragement on hard times and made me feel

“I’m not alone.”

And just like how family says it…

“You have us here.” :’>

This incredible bond… for sure, can never be broken.

Years from now, I know.. that I will always be proud of the fact that I am a Cassiopeia.

I love you guys… seriously.. As much as I love the boys.. TVXQ = Cassiopeia

You complete me. ^^

To say that “You’re the best” is still an understatement for me.

I’m thankful… You guys rock! Especially to my… ooops… it’s now 6,212 siblings.

Our family never stops growing, huh? I love that. 😀

I know I became a Cassie after the split but you guys still welcomed me warmly into your big family.

Before, I can’t help but ask.. Am I too late TVXQ?

Am I really too late to discover these five gods of Kpop?

Am I too late to be fascinated by Xiah Junsu’s butt?

Am I too late to hear Micky Yoochun’s sexy English?

Am I too late to be amazed by Max Changmin’s scream?

Am I too late to laugh at U-Know Yunho’s accent?

And am I too late to be inspired by Hero Jaejoong’s struggles in life?

But now… I knew I have found the answer. You, Cassies, have given me the answer.

It is never too late.

Never too late to keep the faith on them.

It is not where it all began nor where this will all end… It’s in the process and the journey in between that matters.

To me, who’s a Cassiopeia, even waiting for our TVXQ boys is a sweet thing to do…

But waiting with all of you? It just became sweeter.

When our TVXQ boys finally reunite, we will be the happiest family.. bigger than before, of course.

Well, probably the biggest family there will ever be.

And when that happens, I can say… it is the sweetest. ❤

Just like our boys… Cassies, you’re the BEST… 


Thank you so much!

Thanks you World Bigeast Cassiopeia, especially to the ones who created it.

I’ll always be a proud Cassie.

I hope we could grow together for more years to come…

Always Keep The Faith! 😀


Pauline A.K.A cassieforever

~ ~ ~ ~ ~